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Will Sports Shorts Shrink?

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

Will Sports Shorts shrink?
Sports Shorts shrunk is a very distressing thing, other Sports Shorts can be reluctantly when the sexy exposed umbilical wear, but Sports Shorts shrunk! How do you make me wear

  To Sports Shorts do not shrink, buy before than everywhere! "Shop than three" is not the truth? So whether it is Sports Shorts or other Sports Shorts, looking for a reliable brand value for money, to prevent the emergence of pilling, pilling, fading, shrinking and other serious quality problems, when the time when the rags are disgusted, Skin allergies.
Our company Sports Shorts with the original ecology, green natural cotton fiber, safe and environmentally friendly pure plant soft material, in the green on the basis of the first green new technology, quick drying breathable functional fabric to do the real moisture perspiration function, so comfortable Feeling and functional full upgrade, increased strenuous exercise in the comfort and protection, so that the skin in the state of movement can also breathe freely.
Waterproof breathable fabric can be waterproof, and can be breathable and breathable, is a kind of insulation and windproof fabric. Waterproof breathable fabrics generally use three or four layers of the design structure, so not only waterproof and windproof, there is a certain role in the warmth. Now a lot of Sports Shorts are made of this fabric, this fabric is also fast-drying fabric, it is through the water quickly, generally used to make windbreaker and raincoat, my company's windbreaker and Jackets is used waterproof breathable fabric.
 First, what is waterproof breathable fabric, waterproof principle is what

  Waterproof breathable fabric is mainly made of some fiber materials, the general design will be three or four layers, this fabric can be used in the case of water vapor, and its gap is very small, small water particles can not be through. The main application is the principle of capillary movement. This kind of fabric do not have a breath and breathable phenomenon, and very easy to dry, waterproof and sunscreen, is a new type of fabric.
Second, waterproof breathable fabric brand introduction

  There are two kinds of waterproof breathable fabrics, one is water-resistant, one is waterproof. The former can be divided into fiber waterproof breathable fabric and permeable membrane waterproof breathable fabric, this waterproof breathable fabric of the wind effect is quite good, but airtight. The latter is a permeable membrane waterproof breathable fabric, there are generally two or three layers, mainly for wind, but relatively soft, breathable will be better, and more solid.

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