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What Kind Of Movement When Sports T Shirtrs Is More Breathable

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 14, 2017

What kind of movement when Sports T Shirtrs is more breathable
Basically every boy will play the ball, basketball, football, etc., even if not playing, at least have been pulled to play several times on the pitch, of course, is the best sports wear T-shirt. But for Sports T Shirtrs fabric we know how much? What kind of material is breathable? What kind of material sweat? What kind of material is cool? What kind of material is more breathable for Sports T Shirtrss? Do you know? Here to understand with Xiaobian to understand it
Play the sports wear T-shirt what fabric is breathable
Most of the Sports T Shirtrs on the market mainly to polyester fabrics, because the price is relatively low, drilling some small holes, coupled with such Sports T Shirtrs unusually large, sleeveless, basically solve the problem of ventilation.
Icy silk is a very cool kind of fabric, very suitable for making summer Sports T Shirtrs, but the market application of this fabric basketball clothes less, most of the T-shirts.
If you want to find a Sports T Shirtrs what material is more breathable, then go to Barton to see it, there are a lot of fabric made of basketball T-shirt, very suitable for playing with the ball.
 Main color and dot color movement Sports T Shirtrs color of the main colors refers to the movement of T-shirt in a number of colors to occupy the main area of the color; embellishment color is in the color portfolio occupies a smaller area, the visual effects more eye-catching colors. The main colors and embellishment form contrast, primary and secondary, rich and varied, resulting in a rhythm of beauty.
  The status of color is determined by the size of the area occupied by it. The greater the area occupied by color, the more important in the color position, play a leading role; occupy the smaller area, the color in the position of the more secondary, played a foil, embellishment role. In the color process, regardless of the combination of several colors, we must first consider what color as the main color. If the average distribution of various color areas, Sports T Shirtrs colors are mutually exclusive, it will appear messy, especially with complementary color or contrasting color, the color of the disorder state is more obvious, the main color does not exist.
  Decorative color relative to the main body of color, under normal circumstances, it is more bright and saturated, the effect of finishing touch. In the exercise T-shirt color, if the color is very bright, bright, you can consider the use of embellishment color, such as a red suit with black buttons for embellishment. If the color is dull, the color image is not so clear, you can use the dot color to adjust the whole set of Sports T Shirtrs atmosphere, such as a set of blue-gray Sports T Shirtrs, white or black can be used for embellishment, but also through the beautiful clothing to emphasize Sports T Shirtrs the overall color of the spirit, play the role of finishing touch, to beautify the purpose of Sports T Shirtrs.
  Dotted color no matter how bright or how gray, as long as it does not exceed a certain area, is unable to change the body color of Sports T Shirtrs. For example, a white suit, partially decorated with black. However, if the suit is embroidered, but also mosaic, but also printed, embellished things to a certain extent, the white subject status will be active drugs, of course, Sports T Shirtrs color sometimes for some purpose, not Be sure to distinguish between the main color and embellishment color. Sometimes, the various colors are mixed, and mixing through space also produces good color effects.
Dotted color often appear in Sports T Shirtrs accessories design and fabric design, for example, black leather bag often use glossy metal buckle for embellishment, dark flowers on the background color is bright color embellishment.

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