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What Is The Design Concept Of Custom Sports Pants?

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Sports Pants are so popular, and Sports Pants above the pattern has a great relationship. With the pursuit of fashion for people, people also put their favorite patterns printed on the T-shirt, so there will be a DIYT shirt. This is a trend, especially for modern young people.
A unique design, fashionable pants will definitely put it down. Do not look Sports Pants is a simple dress, in fact, from the choice of fabric, color, pattern, production and a series of problems, are more complex. Here to tell you about the cultural design concept.
1, in the production of Sports Pants, you need to consider to avoid the emergence of large color blocks, because the large area of color will lead to T-shirt local hard, so consumers will not be comfortable when wearing.
2, Sports Pants because of the texture of the reasons, in the custom Sports Pants when it is impossible to print too fine patterns, so in the pants design drafts are as much as possible to avoid trumpet font. Guanggu Shan can do very fine patterns.
3, in the choice of patterns need to use computer software to design. Such as color separation, color, tone tone, etc., need the most formal software to operate.
4, Sports Pants custom also have to consider the cost of the problem, so the process of cultural design of the color selection should not be too much, each pattern two or three colors on the best, too much but not good.
At that time the medical underdevelopment, physicians suffered heavy losses, had to contact the patient's case, the French Charles deLorme invented the beak pants, the physician wearing a waxy linen or canvas made of protective clothing , The head is wearing a hollow parts into the herbs and cotton and other beak mask, his hands wrapped with a huge glove, this pair of dress up the scare away the intention of the disease, known as the beak doctor. This is almost the original prototype of the fully enclosed Sports Pants.
Sports Pants development so far, has broken down a lot of protective performance, such as fire-retardant Sports Pants, electrostatic pants, medical pants and so on. And the recent panic-causing MERS virus mortality rate as high as 37.8%, even higher than the SARS virus. In some cases, the virus appears to be transmitted through close contact, and health care workers and patients are in contact with the inevitable, so the recent increase in health care workers reported. How to effectively protect the personal safety of ambulance personnel, which test the current performance of medical pants can become a doctor's protective barrier.
At present, the world's most advanced medical pants is breathable film non-woven Sports Pants, it is characterized by the body's sweat can be distributed out, while the outside of harmful gases and water can not invade. But this pants in the near future raging Africa Ebola virus in front of, but there are still a lot of health care workers infected with the virus, which makes people began to question the health care system protection is perfect.
In fact, the current Sports Pants have been able to protect the virus very well, but in the wear pants of the pants in the process, easily infected with the virus. So the US federal government heavily to seek new protective equipment, in order to ensure the safety of service personnel.
In October 2014, Johns Hopkins University team spent a week to design a cool version of the Ebola pants, after the researchers only 2 months to complete the development of the pants. The new Ebola pants will stand out from the Ebola Trousers in the USA R & D (USAID). This new type of Sports Pants inside and outside the use of different colors, so that staff can be clearly removed after the layer which is safe.
The material of the pants from the waxy linen to the current breathable film non-woven fabrics, its function and appearance have undergone a qualitative change, for the MERS virus, the current protective measures can be a very complete protection, but it may also give birth to a new Of the pants, but can be confirmed that the future in the role of Sports Pants, people will no longer be troubled by the virus.

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