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What Are The Requirements For Quality Sports T Shirtrs Customization?

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

What are the requirements for quality Sports T Shirtrs customization?
Qualification: The company was founded in 1997 and has 20 years of professional experience in the customization of clothes. In 2015, the chairman of the board was the vice president of the Guangdong Provincial Youth Sports Federation and the first and second session of the Guangdong Youth Federation After the competition with the industry are designated by the sports.
Factory strength and professional enough: high-end Sports T Shirtrs customization, the need for unavoidably, patiently do every detail, can only ensure that the real high-end. Now able to do a good job of high-end Sports T Shirtrs manufacturers is not a lot of strength enough professional manufacturers, must have a wealth of experience and resources; sports using imported production equipment and production technology, with hundreds of average age of 3 years of professional custom Workers, 20 years to provide customers with real high-end Sports T Shirtrs custom.
  Product quality: the selection of each fabric according to the provisions of the state process to test whether the qualified to ensure that raw materials green environmental safety and health, to more than 5,000 enterprises and institutions to provide customized services, the quality of its products have won wide recognition from all walks of life , Also won a very good reputation;
Perfect service: in, you do not have to worry about the size, the goods do not board, delivery speed and other issues, allowing you to experience free design style, free to create a model, free home tailored, free home delivery model of peace of mind, 10 days fast delivery So you rest assured that the perfect after-sales service to your intimate.
If not as a professional or engaged in the apparel industry, the quality of Sports T Shirtrs is very difficult to judge the quality, so we need to master a certain degree of discrimination skills. Xiaobian to share some of the empirical methods.
The first is to see the quality of clothes, if it feels rough and smell there is a serious smell, then the quality of this sport T-shirt is very bad. Sports selection of each fabric according to the provisions of the national process specifications to test whether qualified, selected high-quality fabrics to ensure that every kind of fabric are green, zero pollution zero added, safe and healthy.
  The second point, look at the label, which we have to look at the label on the security code, which is more difficult, we mainly understand the next, but also by our intuitive feeling to see, the feeling is false, it is likely to be false The.
The third point, see the details of the part, the general quality of the poor Sports T Shirtrs work is not so fine, because the pursuit of low cost, so the details must be done is not particularly good, especially some collar, cuffs, pockets , Cross the line like the line, if not very neat, then, generally is relatively poor product. Sports has advanced production equipment, skilled Sports T Shirtrs production workers, 100% of the process of testing is to ensure the quality of customized products.

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