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What Are The Cleaning Tips For Students Sports Pants?

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

What are the cleaning tips for students Sports Pants?
Student Sports Pants in the rainy season is very easy because of moisture caused by Sports Pants moldy, etc., then we in the rainy season should be how to prevent Sports Pants clothing this situation? Next to introduce the next Sports Pants moisture cleaning Four ways:
Sports Pants clothing moisture a law: thoroughly cleaned
Moisture-proof and anti-mildew foundation is to wash the clothes thoroughly, cleaning pants, especially the neckline, cuffs, bags and other vulnerable parts, if the cleaning is not thorough enough, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in moldy, long hair. Some mothers used to put through the clothes twice or twice into the closet, that clothes look at anyway is not dirty, do not need to clean. In fact, this dress is the most likely moldy, because the amount of bacteria, and the remnants of the grunge, perspiration is easy to long mites, so to deal with mildew, the first is to do stains work in place, cleaning pants need to be very thorough.
Sports Pants clothing moisture-proof skills 2: clothing sterilization
When cleaning pants, only the sterilization is considered to be completely clean. It is strongly recommended to use a sterilization effect of the washing products, eliminate clothes more peace of mind. A series of tide-containing sterilizers with a refreshing composition is very popular when cleaning pants. Can eliminate five clothing bacteria. Especially for school cleaning pants. Even if the case of rain, but also often wash, no trouble. You can use the dryer drying, or use the fan, hair dryer blowing first blowing, and then hang up to dry.
Sports Pants clothing moisture-proof skills three: hanging storage
After cleaning the pants, do not use heap stacking, it is best to hang up with a hanger, so that the clothes have a breathable space, it is not easy to mold: and the family commonly used box moisture-proof agent is best hanging on the top of the clothes about 10 cm, so lime ingredients can give full play to the effect! Note that in the rainy season, should be as little as possible switch closet, so as not to absorb moisture strong cotton, linen, silk, wool and other fabric moldy, if found There is the shadow of the sun, then tighten the closet door open, so that clothes "big mouth breathing." Pump-type vacuum clothing bag is also in recent years, home hot goods, can be considered a moisture-proof weapon!
Sports Pants clothing moisture-proof skills four: get rid of mold point
If the clothes unfortunately infected with mold point, can be targeted to solve. Cleaning pants, if the Sports Pants are cotton, can be used a few green bean sprouts, in the place where mildew rubbing, and then rinse with water, mold point will be removed. If the clothes or sheets have yellow marks, you can apply some milk, put the sun under a few hours, so again and again wash it again. This is only after the make up, remember, clothing sterilization is to avoid the same point of pollution.
How to quickly remove Sports Pants picnic? In the summer, Sports Pants and other clothing due to wet and so on, it is very easy to moldy situation, and this will produce a musty, very bad, then how should we remove moldy quickly remove the musty The
The first to store this piece of Sports Pants to put some things, such as orange skin to recommend you to use charcoal to suck, the supermarket has to sell, specifically in addition to taste. Usually empty when put some in his pocket, The problem should be solved. To remove the bead picnic method: Sports Pants issued musty, you can add two tablespoons of white vinegar and half a bag of milk in the water of the washing tub, soak the clothes in this specially formulated laundry water for 10 minutes, so that vinegar and milk to absorb Sports Pants Of the musty, and then on the red, washed, left rubbing, rubbing the right, and finally rinse with water, musty no.

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