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Wenzhou Sports Bra 38 Sells The Most Popular

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

Natural comfort wheel-free sports bra to be selling dark horse. Market analysts, this may and the rise of the sport software in recent years, women are increasingly concerned about sports and health related.

Section 38 is the underwear in a year when most promotions, many women will seize the moment to the mall to buy underwear. INtime official Lin, third floor, aides say, March 1-8th, underwear sold more than 5,000 pieces of underwear, performance of more than 1.3 million Yuan. "These days the performance can reach about underwear for the annual results one-fifth. "Too department store lingerie open District Manager Lee says due to activity, lingerie sales rose significantly. March 1-8th too era Department stores and department stores were open to sell 5,600 pieces of lingerie.

So, what underwear is the most popular? The lingerie Shoppe said selling the hottest sports underwear. "Everyone is now a natural and comfortable feel, very concerned about breast health, sports bra is very popular. "Opening too Department Store Manager Li said, 38 day promotion period, underwear, sports underwear sales rose around 20%. INtime maniform counters week long revealed that no rims underwear belonging to a sports bra, the last few days, the counter wheel-free lingerie sales were up around 50%. This could rise software and now a lot of movement, women more and more attention to their health and strengthening exercise.

"The idea of underwear people wear is changing. "People in the industry said, used to be traditionally, the main role is bound body sculpture, now began to pursue a natural and comfortable. Meanwhile, Wenzhou women are also willing to try new things, is very popular in Europe and only a thin bra lace cloth, Wenzhou, more and more women are starting to buy.

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