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Training Pants What Are The Benefits Of Training Pants

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2017

 What are the benefits of training pants?

Training Pants Training pants, also known as trousers, school pants. Is used as diapers and general underwear transition material: the same materials and diaper with the use of materials, but can be directly wear off, and more than diapers and flexible, especially suitable for learning to walk, has been timely discharge training baby.

Training pants not only have ordinary diapers anti-urine function, training trousers waist is elastic, and has the function of shorts.

For the move of the baby, the training pants pants-type design than the diaper is good, wearing a more personal, and flexible, convenient baby activities. But also help her mother to reduce fatigue, let the baby easily learn to walk.

When is the training pants?

Training pants mainly take into account the baby activities after the gradual enhancement, in order to adapt to the baby crawling, standing, walking and running and other behavior and design.

Training Pants So, the baby will sit in particular after the climb (usually 7,8 months or so) can consider the use of training pants, or in the use of M or L No. diaper when you can use the training pants, but remember not too early , In the excessive period and diaper and with the use of training pants do not have to lie down, standing wear off, but also very convenient. Of course, the big baby can also use ordinary diapers, training pants just to the mothers a more convenient choice.

How to wear training shoes?

Wear: wear like a pair of underwear.

Off: such as Edinburgh training pants, you can easily seal the waist on both sides of the seal to take off the training pants.

There are mothers to reflect the winter use of training pants is not convenient, you should take off all the pants to wear, the baby easy to catch cold, so training pants more suitable for baby summer use.

Training pants use tips

Training Pants How to use training pants? This should be different with the diapers, many parents there are some errors.

Diaper and training pants with the most obvious difference is that diapers in the lower abdomen, and training pants on both sides of the thigh, in fact, these are not the main difference, the most important difference is that training pants it like a small panties Can be free to wear off, and once the diaper to wear, you want to take off too much trouble.

◆ training pants are generally the baby will crawl can be used when the baby will go after the toilet also need training, then the training pants is more convenient, it is equivalent to the baby wearing a cotton underwear, both to achieve the purpose of training But also to prevent the baby diapers. It is recommended that mothers at home choose ordinary diapers, go out to choose diapers or pull pants.

◆ training pants recommended lively baby use, because the need to wear off the baby lying on the bed, a lot of big baby every time when the diapers will be punched and kicked, my mother is not easy to operate, with training pants on Easy to be more, because the training pants do not have the baby lying down this feature, go out is not convenient when the baby lying down to choose training trousers.

Low-age baby choose diapers more suitable, because they are more frequent, and they will not stand, lost the use of training pants meaning

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