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Take A Look At A Sports Bra Needed The Main Wonderful Accessories

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Take a look at a Sports Bra needed the main wonderful accessories
Sports Bra production process is like a small project, there are many parts, will need a lot of accessories and accessories. First of all, we simply look at a movement of various parts of the bra.
1, steel ring
Steel ring for the cup under the care, mainly play together, the role of fixed breasts, so that women's chest more tangible, plump. There are different specifications of the steel ring, different specifications for different sizes and chest type Sports Bra, such as: we usually say 75B and 75A cup corresponding to the steel ring will be different, in addition, the spindle-shaped breast and disc Breast for the steel ring is also different. Second, the steel ring has a soft and hard points, soft steel ring thin, wearing a stronger sense of comfort, hard steel ring is relatively thick, more stress is not easy to deformation, and more for the design of the chest full of Sports Bra. Steel ring is a Sports Bra for wearing comfort and functional is extremely important to the location, must be used in the sewing machine with a steel sleeve or three fold after the blanket package with a double needle car fixed on the outer edge of the cup, and in the steel ring At both ends of the knot to ensure that the steel ring in the Sports Bra when wearing the position fixed.
2, shoulder strap
Shoulder strap, is 3/4 cups, full cups and other structures of the movement of the bra one of the main force, it plays the role of supporting the breast. Usually the use of the ribbon factory with a special shoulder strap machine to produce a finished product, after the process of sewing in the bra bra according to technical requirements, cut out the required length, and the shoulder buckle suture made. The current shoulder strap variety, there are thick and thin, ribbon, silicone transparent shoulder strap, as well as drilling on the decorative shoulder strap, can also be designed according to the design of different materials with different appearance of the shoulder strap.
3, shoulder buckle
Shoulder strap buckle is the shoulder strap and Sports Bra connected parts, there are two types: one is removable shoulder strap, the buckle shaped as "9" shape, one is a live mouth, shoulder strap can be removed from the Sports Bra; Fixed shoulder strap with shoulder straps such as "8" or "0", the shoulder strap can not be removed.
4, ring and hook buckle
Hooks, usually used in Sports Bras after the film or waist coat. Hook ring with a single row, double row, three rows and multiple rows of points. Single row, double row, three rows of hook ring with a fixed length specifications, according to the different products directly choose different rows of ring can be. The multi-row ring is used for the front center of the lapel, and the length is determined by the length of the product from the bust to the front of the hem. Sports Bra collusion ring is usually three columns, 1.2 cm apart, three hooks can be used to adjust the movement of the bra around the tightness.
Hook, commonly used in the front buckle Sports Bra, the existing adsorption (such as the use of magnet suction will be left and right cup together), trap and so on.
5, flowers Aberdeen
Flower Aberdeen is a decorative ornament on the Sports Bra, the shape of small, delicate, with 0.3-0.5 cm ribbons made of various shapes of small bow, decorated in the chest before the chest, there are diamond ornaments, beads decorated.
6, other such as bundles, Zhang root, side Lun, stereotypes yarn, plastic bone (also known as fish scales or snake-shaped bone) is also necessary for the production of Sports Bra accessories.

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