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Sports Underwear Can Be Used As A Carrier Of Remote Health Monitoring Equipment

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

United States researchers from the University of Arkansas is wearable and nano-sensors set with electric textile materials into a sports bra.

The sensor itself is actually a small device embedded in bras or t-shirts, it collects blood pressure, body temperature, respiratory rate and oxygen consumption, and so on. The most interesting is that it can even track brain activity, including normally gets from ECG readings, which will contribute to the identification of a heart attack.

According to researchers who say, coins the size of the sensor is made of gold Nanowire nano-sensors and flexible and conductive textiles. Rest is a amplifier, antenna, circuit boards, microprocessors, the Bluetooth module and small plastic battery boxes. Researchers say they are trying to develop smaller and more flexible component box instead of the box.

Gathered by the sensor data is then passed on to the user's cell phone or smart phone. Mobile app helps users to track and record vital signs. When the app detects signs that are not normal, it through emergency alerts inform the user.

Of course, this is not a recently unveiled the first wearable sensors. By January of this year, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas also show several similar products. Most complex mosaic of small sensors on the shirt, armbands or other clothing.

Arkansas researchers developed sensor is so interesting is because of its integration into the lingerie that barely visible sensor, it may be more convenient to the user long term wear.

Unfortunately, research on the wearable sensor does not end. According to a recent study of remote monitoring of elderly people at home found that monitoring group admission rates are not lower than the non-monitoring group. Further studies are needed to see if I could get the real value of sensor-based remote monitoring.

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