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Sports T Shirtrs Printing Process

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

Sports T Shirtrs printing process
Sports T Shirtrs Category:
1. Commodity movement T-shirt that is to social consumers as the object into the conventional commodity circulation channel Sports T Shirtrs.
2. Advertising Sports T Shirtrs Sports for the purpose of advertising T-shirt is a kind of advertising media, its content can be commercial advertising can also be political advertising, public service ads.
3. Tourism T-shirt travel T-shirts in foreign tourism souvenir market has a considerable position, where the tourist attractions, historical sites, cultural landscape will be accompanied by a large number of tourism Sports T Shirtrss and Sports T Shirtrs shop. Tourism T-shirt is the most able to reflect the national culture, regional culture, customs culture, natural landscape culture and political history and culture.
4. Group Sports T Shirtrss to international social organizations, small to a team, the band, with their own Sports T Shirtrs is always proud of.
5. Theme Sports T Shirtrss major historical themes, cultural and entertainment projects, political activities, celebrity interesting will be reflected in the Sports T Shirtrs, one to meet people's desire to participate and commemorate the feelings. The recent theme of the return of Hong Kong, such as the return of Hong Kong, the 1998 World Cup theme has brought a huge movement T shirt tide, made considerable social and economic benefits.
6. brand Sports T Shirtrs many brand-name clothing also tend to produce their own brand of Sports T Shirtrs, in order to achieve the name (advertising effect)
Sports T Shirtrs can be printed according to the following classification
1. Local printing T-shirt printing parts of the main: the predecessor, back, before the upper left chest, cuffs, collar and so on. Local print Sports T Shirtrss accounted for more than 70% of the total amount of Sports T Shirtrss
2. T-shirt is covered in cloth printing, printing and garment printing three categories. Which clothing covered with a special Sports T Shirtrs printing machine production, such machines currently represent the movement of T-shirt printing the highest level of technical equipment.
3. Water-based pigment printing is mainly used for white Sports T Shirtrs printing.
4. Mortar printing is mainly used for dyeing T-shirt printing.
5. Hot ink printing all kinds of fabrics (including chemical fiber) are suitable for the most promising Sports T Shirtrs ink, because it is suitable for the use of advanced computer design, adapted to the use of modern automatic production, symbol of contemporary technology Development trend. Especially in the dark fabric printed on the grid pattern, the effect is difficult to match the mortar, which accelerated the glue out of the movement T-shirt printing field speed
6. Transfer printing T-shirt mainly hot-melt type and ink-permeable type of two.
7. Special paint printing types are mainly pulp printing, flocking printing, photosensitive, water sensitive, thermal coating printing, luminous paint printing, fragrance paint printing, multicolored decorative film (laser film) printing.
8. Special process processing such as anti-dye printing, discharge printing and batik, tie-dye Sports T Shirtrss and so on.
9. Embroidery T-shirt
10. Composite process is the above-mentioned various printing and processing technology complex processing in a Sports T Shirtrs pattern thermal transfer images and material pixels have any requirements? Cup diagram and shirt pattern first set the size of the production, the resolution of the general 200 -300. For the choice of picture material, we recommend the best with 3 million pixels.

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