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Sports T Shirtrs Industry Demand Fragmentation Led To The Reconstruction Of The Value Chain

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

Sports T Shirtrs industry demand fragmentation led to the reconstruction of the value chain
  Sports T Shirtrs as the most concentrated color of the industry, people's personalized, more and more differentiated demand. Prospective Industry Research Institute analysis, which will become the future movement T shirt industry stable development stage of the important features, and leading the development of the industry. Sports T Shirtrs industry into the "fragment era", mainly in the fragmentation of products and channels of fragmentation. In recent years, China's positioning of the public, the product is more serious homogenization of the traditional brand in the extension, increasing the price increase in the case of space growth is weak, and very unique products personalized Sports T Shirtrs brand to accelerate the development, Women's, GXG men's, Europe when the force and Jiangnan commoner.
  The channel fragmentation, including the purchase of channels and access to product information channels. China's traditional retail channel department store, the proportion of stores is declining to shopping centers, e-commerce, purchasing as the representative of the rapid development of new channels, shopping centers reflect the era of debris under the consumer demand for convenience of goods, e-commerce And purchasing channels reflect the era of debris consumers under the cost of demand. At the same time, with the rapid development of the Internet, the rapid development of the media, consumers access to product information channels increasingly rich, social networking sites, WeChat, microblogging, mobile advertising and so become the choice of consumers.
  Sports T Shirtrs industry demand fragmentation led to the reconstruction of the value chain. In the "fragment era", consumer demand preferences are complex and frequent changes, brands want to capture the needs of customers in a timely manner the most direct and easiest way is to communicate directly with customers to understand customer needs, and in fact the past decade China's Sports T Shirtrs industry is mainly through the agent (joined) model developed, this channel structure led to long and long value chain is not conducive to the end consumer demand information feedback to the brand, so the forward view that in the "fragment era" of the consumer For the era of the king, the reconstruction of the industry value chain is an inevitable choice.
  The cold winter has passed, and the arrival of spring means that the thick Sports T Shirtrs is closed. Sports T Shirtrs is generally used in waterproof material, breathability is also better, but in a few points under the Sports T Shirtrs how to wash in order to extend the life of Sports T Shirtrss, to maintain a good wind, rain? One for you to answer.
  In addition to the choice of Sports T Shirtrs to pay attention to choose a good brand and quality, the usual cleaning is also important, the correct cleaning method to extend the life of Sports T Shirtrss, to maintain good wind and rain characteristics play an important role.
  Select the appropriate cleaning solution
  When cleaning Sports T Shirtrs, try not to use detergent or alkaline lotion, because the Sports T Shirtrs material and other clothes material is slightly different, so try to use the neutral lotion solution, so as not to clothes Color and wind and other functions caused damage. If we judge the bad lotion solution, you can use the bath and other products instead, simply say that these are also neutral.
Master the cleaning tips
  For Sports T Shirtrss, the natural dry and hand-soft is the most suitable method of lotion. The amount of neutral detergent supplies into the water, the clothes soaked to about 20 minutes, hand gently, rubbing after the dirty part of the dirty parts we can use a soft brush to clean up, or a soft cloth and the like Clean up, otherwise it may cause harm to the clothes themselves, after the wash directly connected to the shade can be dry. (Note: try not to use the washing machine to dry, will affect the Sports T Shirtrs waterproof effect).

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