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Sports T Shirtrs How To Do Yellow Hair

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

Sports T Shirtrs how to do yellow hair
We often encounter this phenomenon, wearing and holding Sports T Shirtrs, Sports T Shirtrs yellowing often occurs, then the Sports T Shirtrs how to do it? How can I avoid Sports T Shirtrs yellow? In fact, as long as the attention to the following circumstances, you can easily avoid the movement of T-shirt yellowing the situation.
Sports T Shirtrs why will be yellow
1, air pollutants
With the rapid development of industry and economy, the atmospheric environment has begun to become dirty, so nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and ozone began to increase, these things will also affect the movement of T-shirt yellow phenomenon.
2, additives
Sports T Shirtrs customization, the most critical step is to choose a good cloth, a lot of Sports T Shirtrs due to the needs of the function, the fabric will add softeners, oils, lubricants, resins, fluorescent agents, etc., these additives for a long time also Will make Sports T Shirtrs made yellow hair old.
3, chemical fiber degradation
Heat, light and other chemicals and biodegradable effects will lead to fiber degradation, such conditions are more than the existence of Sports T Shirtrs or uniform custody, such as the windows of the warehouse according to the composition of the sun down part of the yellow, Shanghai Sports T Shirtrs custom Come to Eagle Noda.
4, perspiration
Summer Sports T Shirtrs is more likely to be yellowing, because the temperature is high, sweating is not avoided, once sweating, clothes will leave yellow perspiration, we can use ammonia to remove sweat sweat, because fat Of sweat, easy to coagulate in the cloth fiber, so when adding about 2 tablespoons of ammonia in the washing, soak for a few minutes, scrub, and then washed with water, in accordance with the general laundry procedures, you can yellow perspiration To remove myself.
Improper storage methods will be yellow
Improper storage will lead to Sports T Shirtrs yellow, long time do not wear Sports T Shirtrs in the storage, do not store in the brown cardboard box inside, Sports T Shirtrs for a long time contact brown cardboard box will be very easy to lead to Sports T Shirtrs yellow The The best place to store Sports T Shirtrss need to have good ventilation, this will avoid Sports T Shirtrs because of moldy yellow spots.
Wearing a light-colored Sports T Shirtrs, there are a lot of sweat stains stained Sports T Shirtrs above, it is necessary to timely cleaning, if not timely cleaning, perspiration will penetrate into the Sports T Shirtrs fabric inside, want to thoroughly clean, It's easy.
Clean the movement of T-shirts, in the drying should also pay special attention to avoid direct sunlight, because the strong sunlight is very easy to lead to damage to the fabric, and make Sports T Shirtrs yellowing situation.
Anti-static Sports T Shirtrs is to prevent the accumulation of static electricity on clothing, with anti-static fabric for the fabric and sewing Sports T Shirtrs. Conductive fiber refers to all or part of the use of metal or organic conductive materials or sub-conductive material made of fiber in general, the volume resistivity ρv ~ between 104 ~ 109Ω / cm. The conductive fiber is divided into three types: conductive composition homogeneous type, conductive composition covering type and conductive composition compound type 3, depending on the distribution of the conductive component in the fiber. At present, the vast majority of anti-static fabric is made of conductive fiber, especially in the conductive composition of composite type, that is, the most used composite fiber. In the chemical fiber fabric by adding conductive fiber made of anti-static Sports T Shirtrs, the power is based on the charge leakage and neutralization of the two mechanisms. When the ground, the static electricity on the fabric in addition to the conductive fiber corona discharge is neutral, but also through the conductive fiber to the earth discharge; not grounded by the conductive fiber weak corona discharge and power.

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