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Sports Shorts Shrinkage Approach

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 14, 2017

Sports Shorts Shrinkage approach
Because do not understand the characteristics of Sports Shorts fabric and wash the wrong way to form the clothes shrink appearance, so many housewives are very troublesome. More common silk dress, cotton sports Shorts and sweater. These clothes are usually not cheap, shrinking after losing the side of the very sorry. If you want these Sports Shorts durable, if you want to know how to avoid shrinking clothes, we must look at the following description.
From the characteristics of the fabric to understand, cotton Sports Shorts, silk clothes and sweaters are shrinking. During which cotton clothes, especially cotton Sports Shorts shrink after the difficult recovery, sweater can be dry cleaning shop after the treatment of rehabilitation. How to avoid it is the key to dealing with the question, usually some simple washing maintenance can help deal with these questions.
Cotton Sports Shorts is not easy to recover after shrinking, so good maintenance and avoidance is particularly important. In the usual scrubbing, cotton clothes can be washed with salt water before washing for half an hour before cleaning. Wash with warm water to wash, and do not use a long time with a scrubbing agent soaked clothes. Wash the best way is to use hand wash, if the machine wash, keep in mind can not use pulsator washing machine; able to cotton sports Shorts on the laundry bag with a drum washing machine set level low scrub, before exposure to stretch flat clothes.
Introducing Wool Sports Shorts after shrinking treatment. In addition to the front mentioned to take the dry cleaners by professional treatment, the days also have a lot of tips to help deal with questions. Womens Sports Shorts After the shrinking, the clothes will become short and hard. At this time, the clever women can sweater with a clean white cloth wrapped up, into the steamer steamed for ten minutes, take out, the forced trembling. Then on the table, take care of the wool Sports Shorts to pull the original scale after the wool Sports Shorts tiled in the ventilated local dry, dried after the wool Sports Shorts on the rehabilitation of the original posture.
And ultimately to inform you, in addition to doing a good job cleaning, the purchase of Sports Shorts time must understand the shrinkage of cloth and scrubbing methods. Cotton sports Shorts before wearing, first soaked with salt water for half an hour to clean the sun and then wear, so the next time and wash, according to the exact method of washing will not attack the clothes shrink. Expect these to help you deal with your questions.
Looks like the black wear Han color Sports Shorts beautiful? Originally it depends on how to match, and have their own hair and Sports Shorts set all take no ride In general, the black people who wear black sports Shorts are beautiful. Why do you say that? Listen to Barton Xiaobian gradually say it!
Because even if you are black and black but black it, so the whole body of the black Sports Shorts contrast, it is not so dark, if wearing a pure white, then all the skin color in the white contrast has a significant comparison , It is very dark, so it is not so beautiful.
A black sports Shorts not only can appear to be more white, followed by a significant reduction in the effect of thin, if you are attributed to fat compared to people, then it is appropriate, so it will not look black and fat. In general, wearing a black person wearing black Sports Shorts is a beautiful, relative to other bright colors Sports Shorts, they also tend to black.

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