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Sports Pants Marketing, How To Deal With Customer Objections?

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

Sports Pants marketing, how to deal with customer objections?
The objection of the customer is varied, and the methods of dealing are also different. It must be different because of the time, because of the people and the people. In the marketing process, the common way to deal with customer objection has the following: 1. Turning method

Turning method, is the usual way to sell the job, that is, the salesperson according to the facts and reasons to indirectly deny the views of customers. Application of this method is to first recognize the customer's view there is a certain truth, that is, to make concessions to customers, and then tell their own views. This method, if used improperly, may cause the customer to make more comments. In the use of the process to minimize the use of "but" the word, while the actual conversation contains "but" the views, so the effect will be better. As long as the flexibility to master this method, will maintain a good atmosphere for discussion, leave room for their own conversation.

Sports Pants The customer made the salesperson to sell the pants color out of date, the salesperson may wish to answer:

"Miss, your memory is really good, this color has been popular a few years ago I think you know, the trend of Sports Pants is reincarnation, and now there are signs of resurgence of this color.

This makes it easy to refute the customer's opinion. 2. Conversion method

Conversion processing method, is the use of customer objections to deal with their own. Customer's objection is a double attribute, it is both a trade barrier, but also a trading opportunity. If the salesperson can use its positive factors to offset the negative factors, it is not a good thing.

Sports Pants This method is the direct use of customer objections, into a positive opinion, but the application of this skill must pay attention to etiquette, and can not hurt the feelings of customers. This method is generally not applicable to transaction-related or sensitive objections. 3. With excellent method

To better than bad method, also known as compensation method. If the customer's objection is in the event of a defect in the service provided by the product or the company, it must not be avoided or denied directly. The wise way is to affirm the shortcomings and then to dilute the deal, using the merits of the product to compensate or even offset these shortcomings. This is conducive to the customer's psychological to a certain degree of balance, is conducive to making customers make purchase decisions.

Sports Pants When the quality of the product is really selling some problems, and the customer just put forward: "This thing is not good quality." The salesperson can calmly tell him:

"The quality of this product is indeed a problem, so we cut the price, not only the price concessions a lot, and the company also ensure that the quality of this product will not affect your use."

Sports Pants This way, both to dispel the customer's doubts, but also to stimulate the price advantage to buy customers. This method focuses on the psychological compensation to customers in order to enable customers to get a sense of psychological balance. 4. Euphemism

Sports Pants When the salesperson does not consider how to answer the customer's objection, may wish to first use the tactful tone of each other's objections repeated, or repeat with their own words, so you can weaken each other's momentum. Sometimes converting a statement will make the question easier to answer. But can only be weakened and can not change the customer's view, otherwise the customer will think you distort his opinion and dissatisfaction. The salesperson can ask after the retelling: "Do you think this is true?" And then continue below to get the customer's approval. Such as the customer complained that "the price is much higher than last year, how to rise so high." Salesperson can say: "Yes, the price is indeed higher than the previous year." Then wait for the customer below.

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