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Sports Pants In The Guarantee Of Athletes To Play Under The Premise Of Technology

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

Sports Pants in the guarantee of athletes to play under the premise of technology
Sports Pants ② engaged in rowing, the main wear shorts, vests, to facilitate the paddle paddle paddle. Winter with woolen sleeves knitted tops.
  ③ motor boats fast, athletes in addition to wearing general knitted Sports Pants, often also with good penetration of breathable porous rubber Sports Pants, coated raincoats and air bag life jackets and so on. Clothing Sports Pants color should be used with the contrast of the sea red, yellow, easy to appear in the game when the accident is easy to be found. Lightweight rowing for the anti-capsize, athletes need to wear a good moisture-absorbing vest, after the weight of about 3kg.
  Weightlifting trousers: Weightlifting athletes wear thick sturdy tight knit vest or shorts jackets, backed with shorts, waist belt wide belt. Belt width should not exceed 12cm.
Wrestling Sports Pants: Wrestling Sports Pants vary depending on the wrestling program. Such as Mongolian wrestling wear leather sleeveless jacket, also known as "stays", not the skirt, belt belt, under the trousers, or with the knee. Judo, karate wear traditional Chinese white oblique teapot, under the long to the knee under the big Sports Pants, the Department of belt. Japan and other countries also to belt color distinction between judo section level. Sumo habit of naked body, crotch only a narrow cloth crotch crotch, beam belt.
  Sports Pants: Sports Pants in the athletes to ensure that the skills to play freely under the premise of the human body and its movements to show the beautiful. Men generally wear body white trousers with vest, Sports Pants before the first straight stitch straight, and in the trousers mouth elastic belt, but also wear tights. Women wear knitted tights or socks clothing, and the use of good scalability, bright colors, shiny fabric production.
  Ice Sports Pants: Skating, skiing Sports Pants require warmth, and fit fit as much as possible to reduce air resistance for fast movement. Generally use a thicker wool or other blended wool fiber knitted Sports Pants, wearing a knitted hood. Figure skating and other events, but also pay attention to Sports Pants style and color. Men wear tight, chic simple Sports Pants; women wear short dress and stockings.
  Mountain climbing Sports Pants: competitive mountaineering generally use soft wear-resistant wool knit tights, cuffs, Sports Pants should be fitted with elastic band, wearing a convex teeth of the rubber lacquered shoes. Adventure climbing need to wear good insulation performance down trousers, and with a down jacket, socks, gloves and so on. Cloth with bright red, blue and other dark, easy to absorb heat and be identified in the snow. In addition, adventure climbing can also be worn with acrylic hose hooded hood, hat, cuffs and trousers can be adjusted to tighten, to waterproof, wind, warm and protect the inner clothing Sports Pants.
  Fencing Sports Pants: fencing Sports Pants first focus on body care, followed by light. By the white fencing shirt, face, gloves, Sports Pants, stockings, shoes supporting composition. Top coat is usually made of thick cotton pad, leather, hard plastic and metal protective layer, to protect the shoulder, chest, back, abdomen and the right side of the body. According to the sword, sword, epee and other different sword species, Sports Pants protective layer requirements are slightly different. And the outer layer is wound and energized with metal wire. Once the sword is stabbed, the electric referee is lit; the inner layer is insulated with nylon fabric to prevent sweating from conducting; the face is mask type, Strength of the metal mesh made of two ears pad mat; underwear generally long and knee a few centimeters, and then set through the stockings, wrapped Sports Pants. Fencing Sports Pants should try to reduce the size to reduce the chance of being hit.

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