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Sports Pants Are Now In The Fashion Circle Position Is Not Lower Than The Pants

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

Sports Pants are now in the fashion circle position is not lower than the pants
Sports Pants are now not the year's Sports Pants, and now the location of the fashion circle is not lower than the pants, for the attention of men, Sports Pants is not just "comfortable choice."
For the sake of comfort or exercise was invented out of the pants, was worn to the occasion than the pants more than the pants. And the qualifications are very old suit pants different, although the traffic is extremely underdeveloped in the past, people are tired of "Ben" life for hundreds of years, the history of Sports Pants is only a short 90 years or so. Until the 1920s, Fa Émile Camuset invented the pants. He tried to combine rib cotton, plush and sportswear to make sportswear softer and breathable, which was an open move in the year. After all, most of the time in the movement, but also wearing a hat, wearing crisp pants, pedal shoes.
Although the birth was not long, the status and positioning of sportswear in the rapid change. By the 1970s, the company, known for its sportswear, was aware that the meaning of "sportswear" had changed, and that it had not been devoted to clothing, exercise or competition, but had entered the category of daily casual wear. Daily, travel, relax, work, as long as the occasion is not formal, these have been improved by the sportswear can wear. In the 2017 spring section Junya Watanabe show field, wearing a coat suit coat coat models, put on the tight side of the hand-foot pants, pedal on the skin of the Lok Fu shoes, actually no violation.
Raey's Sports Pants are crisp, seemingly formal, in fact, it is cotton and wool blended Sports Pants. Abandon the common pants with elastic trousers and drawstrings and other elements, the fabric comes with a snowflake texture with a suit effect.
Color pants side with red and green strip, this design may be exclusive pants, or perhaps the logo of Gucci. Legs are installed elements of the prominent obscure lines can be modified legs, and technology fabrics also ensure the comfort and durability of pants.
John Varvatos's dark blue pants are closer to the shape of the khaki pants. Zippers, buttons, can be belt, the only can see the identity of Sports Pants, is the micro-income pants.
Dark blue and thin stripes combination of yuppie style, side of the big pockets and into the rough feeling of the overalls, only trousers and not obvious drawstring hinted that this looks and lively pants, in fact, Is a Sports Pants.
It is estimated that read, not only you have no prejudice against the movement, and even the pants themselves are complacent! In the fashion circle more and more like a duck in the water pants, in addition to not attend the formal requirements of the formal occasions, comfort is absolutely male Preferred.
Ordinary work when the old dress, always feel tied to live, to the weekend, wanted to relax, so that their physical and mental are not bound. And comfortable and comfortable clothes, you can let a warm and experience the comfort of life, this time to prepare a loose casual pants is essential. Put on loose pants, warm nest at home, you can listen to music, can also be appropriate exercise, is not that life is not good yet. Here, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce several suitable for men's friends fashionable Sports Pants.
Harlan's style, comfortable soft cloth to wear very comfortable, black pants give a cool feeling, pants on the blue pattern for the pants add a mysterious color, big red shoes eye-catching , White t-shirt with, gives a decent feeling.
Black five-part Sports Pants, pants side of the white letters of the pattern of the pants fit the design, dotted with black, pants design exposed strong strong legs, male charm thus greatly improved, Harlan's design Crotch lower than normal pants, highlighting the style of hip hop in the streets, the streets of the wind full of a pants, love street shooting you finally have sports wind can control it!

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