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Sports Bra Maintenance Specific To The Following Elements

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

Sports Bra maintenance specific to the following elements
One is the first swimming pool before the first use of water will be wet bra;
The second is to wear when to avoid rough rock or ground friction, to prevent fiber from the ball; Dongguan Sports Bra wholesale
Third, be careful to use sunscreen cosmetics to prevent injury to the bra or make color;
Four after swimming as soon as possible with 35 degrees Celsius the following water cleaning, hand Qingrou, do not dry clean, machine wash or ironing;
Five is to avoid the damp Sports Bra for a long time placed in plastic bags or mixed with other clothing;
Six is not used when cleaning detergent, bleach or hair dye, etc .; Dongguan Sports Bra wholesale
Seven is washed, please put in a cool ventilated place to dry, do not place in the sun direct exposure;
Eight is a long time to save when you do not put in the cabinet with a strong bite.
Quality Supervision Bureau experts said that the most important exercise bra purchase principle is not unique style, but "comfortable" and "close." If not close enough, it is possible to fall. So it is best not to choose to stitch more Sports Bra style, and carefully check the buckle, harness, tether and other details of the firmness. Because Sports Bra is sport practical clothing, tensile strength is strong, large amount of exercise, easy to start from the splicing. If you buy a seam more Sports Bra, then no doubt "emptied" the risk factor is also greatly increased.
Now the swimming pool is almost overcrowded, the beauty of the women found that the movement around the bra more and more varied, but recently the Nanjing Quality Supervision Bureau announced the purchase of Sports Bra tips, not the more "beautiful" style more complex movement Bra better. Dongguan Sports Bra manufacturers
Reporters saw that today's Sports Bra more and more "style million", many look like a dress, "thin chest" "pure and lovely" "Bohemian style", some Sports Bra to see Even more beautiful than ordinary skirts. And some also specifically cover the effect of small belly. But this design complex Sports Bra, but not necessarily practical.
And Sports Bra fabric tension is very tight, a lot of people think that the greater the better elasticity, the fact is not the case, "but the rebound recovery is better, many times can still be back to the original product is finished." If it is for children to buy, the first The important principle is "color", must choose bright colors, to facilitate parents to pay attention to whether the child engaged in dangerous activities, or into the dangerous area.
Spandex Sports Bra has the advantage of bright colors, wearing personal comfort, fast water, good wash, good dry, especially the resistance is very small, can improve the game results. Now some of the World Series athletes have been wearing the whole body of the bra, is the reason, in the past to wear short Sports Bra, have to scratch the body of hair to reduce the resistance of one hundredth of a second to improve the ranking results.
Now with the improvement of people's living standards, people in the swimming sport also want to wear more comfortable, more beautiful. Spandex silk fabric, in order to meet people's needs, but also to its natural birth. Spandex the actual scientific name should be called Jin spandex or polyester spandex, that is, nylon silk or polyester filament and spandex silk intertwined. Spandex silk China now need to import, nylon silk, polyester silk is completely made. The international standard for the content of spandex is 18%. Comparison of high-end Sports Bra pants, first, to achieve 18% spandex silk content. Second, with the nylon silk intertwined. Third, the weaving of the equipment to reach more than 32 needles. Fourth, the level of processing sewing. Of course, style design, color with, is also essential.
High-quality professional Sports Bra after wearing a modified body after the role of the body is better than wearing clothes better. So the beauty of the MM are wearing Sports Bra, huh, huh. Sports Bra is very particular about the craft. If the process is not good, will be easy to burst line. And Sports Bras burst line, and will lead to all the pieces are spread, unlike other clothes can take their own sewing needle. Of course, good Sports Bra to wear to feel very comfortable, the body is very free, not like other body sculpting underwear as another breathless.

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