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Sports Bra History

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2017

Sports Bra The history of a sports bras is a bra that can provide extra support for its breasts during a female sport. And the general bra is different, this bra to reduce the chest in the movement of the swing amplitude, thereby reducing the discomfort and the risk of chest ligament injury. There are some sports bras designed to be in the form of external wear (such as jogging).

  Sports Bra The first commercially available sports bra is "free swing tennis bra", produced by the American Charm Foundation Company in 1975. In the United States in 1977, Lisa Lindaer, costume designer Polly Smith and Smith's assistant invented the first general sense of the sports bra, was called "athlete bra", later renamed "jogging bra." The reason for designing this bra is that Linda's sister, Victoria Woodrow, complains about the general bra in the sport that can cause discomfort, including the bra straps, skin friction and breast pain. When the Linda and Smith study a better substitute, the former husband's suggestion to refer to the lower body elastic body, so the two will be two lower body elastic body together to make a "jogging bra." In 1990, the company acquired a jogging bra from Smith and Linda, and was further studied by Associate Professor of New Jersey Medical and Dental University. She measured the woman in the treadmill exercise when the chest movement of the relevant data, widening the bra under the circumference of the breast to provide more support, while tightening the strap with a smaller breast bounce.

  Sports Bra Montana hairdressers are also aware of the same problem, so she has created a joint freelance designer. In 2001, she persuaded the Austrian flower to try her bra, the latter in the O, Oprah magazine has been well received, and appeared in the 2001 Oprah Winfrey show.

  Two girls wearing sports bra and their dogs on the beach of Cayukos in California

  Today's most common sports bra is similar to a cut of half of the vest, the use of high degree of extension, good sweat-absorbent fibers (such as spandex) made, but also the use of colloids, water cushions and airbags and other design products.

  After some surgery, some women will choose to wear sports bra, fixed chest to facilitate wound healing. ,

  Sports Bra Ordinary bra straps caused by some women in the arm lift exercise, because the fixed bra is stretched, directly oppression of the trapezius and feel nervous, and ultimately may lead to numbness or pain and other symptoms of the shoulder. Sports bra because it is tied to the back so you can avoid this problem.

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