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Sports Bra: Clothing For Sports Competitions

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

Sports Bra: clothing for sports competitions
  Sports Bra, dedicated to sports competition clothing. Usually designed according to the specific requirements of the sports project. Broadly included in the outdoor sports activities to wear clothing. In the textile, casual wear and Sports Bra market, has been the leader in other products, widely favored by consumers, especially in recent years to emphasize the functional products, it is well received.
But only the real experts to understand the meaning of functional sportswear, consumers want to understand the real function of wearing, the need for professionals to provide the correct message. Since 1994, many companies have successfully developed a series of functional fabrics based on the characteristics of their fibers. They have a place in the market in terms of their end-use needs. Sports Bra But also to the fiber company to understand the entire "fabricystem", the end use of the fabric, rather than the fiber itself, this awareness will lead manufacturers to actively toward the top target, the development of new fibers. The goal of the market is clear, the higher the probability of success, according to the emphasis of demand, to distinguish between different categories, such as age, health care, national conditions, popular, sex ... ... to 1945 born baby boomers, for example, About 50 years old, basically, they have the right to save and spend, affecting the mainstream of the market, but with age, the impact of the old and new market is growing, and no longer follow the rules The
  It is understood that this new type of carbon crystal armor is actually a transformation of ordinary clothing, in general weave clothing to add a set of simple carbon crystal fever module. Sports Bra The heating module is embedded in the clothing interlayer and is easy to set up. Carbon crystal armor clothes in addition to warm, but also has a health function, serve two purposes, especially for the elderly use.
  Athletics: Sports Bras athletes to wear vests, shorts mainly. General requirements vest body, shorts easy to step. Sometimes do not affect the athlete's legs long-span action, still pants on both sides of the pants or release a certain degree of loose. Vests and shorts more use of knitted fabrics, but also useful silk production.
  Ball Sports Bra: usually with shorts matching head style coat. Ball Sports Bra to put a certain amount of loose. Basketball players generally wear vests, the other ball is wearing short-sleeved shirt. Soccer sportswear used to use v-collar, volleyball, table tennis, rugby, badminton, tennis and other sportswear is used to install the collar, and in the sleeve pants outside the blue, red and other color line. Tennis shirt is mainly white, women wear short dress.
  Water Sports Bra: There are three categories: ① engaged in swimming, diving, water polo, water board, surfing, snorkeling and other sports, the main wear tight swimsuits, also known as swimwear. Men wear triangular shorts, women wear swimsuit swimsuit or bikini swimsuit. The basic requirement for the swimwear is that the athlete does not inflate the water during the underwater movement to reduce the water resistance, so it is appropriate to use high density, good stretch, smooth cloth stretch, nylon, acrylic and other chemical fiber knitted fabric production and Wear plastic, rubber, close to the hooded swimming cap. In addition to swimming swimwear swimwear, the general also with masks, diving glasses, breathing tube, fins and so on.
  Sports Bra ② When engaged in rowing, mainly wearing shorts, vests, to facilitate the paddle paddle paddle. Winter with woolen sleeves knitted tops.
  ③ motor boats fast, athletes in addition to wearing general knitting Sports Bra, often with a good penetration of porous rubber clothing, rubber raincoats and air bag life jackets and so on. The color of the clothes should be selected with the contrast of the sea red, yellow, easy to appear in the game when the accident is easy to be found. Lightweight rowing for the anti-capsize, athletes need to wear a good moisture-absorbing vest, after the weight of about 3kg.
  Weightlifting: Sports Bra Weightlifting athletes wear thick sturdy tight knit vest or short sleeve jackets, backed with shorts, waist belt wide belt. Belt width should not exceed 12cm.

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