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Sports Apparel Market Is Excellent

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

United States first quarter of 2015 clothes sales rose 9%

As of October, total market size of about 35 billion dollars

Currently not many women can choose from high-end sportswear, but this situation will not last long. Because some sports and luxury brands are quietly entering the market, every brands wants customers to spend $ 300 or 400 or more to buy a comfortable workout pants.

Caletha Crawford Professor of Parsons School of design in New York show that allows people to buy such an expensive sport trousers, early education must be done: as SoulCycle and Pure Barre, demand for luxury sportswear boutique fitness culture stems from the establishment. While women are self-conscious about doing spinning, yoga, Pilates, image, and the brands they want to improve their position in society, which is probably the largest sportswear brand high woman, in one of the reasons.

Caletha Crawford shows that, in addition to introduce technology to our customers outside of fabric, more fit or fashion aesthetics, consumers will not casually spend so much money to buy a fitness apparel. She said: "I need to know why to pay so much to Lululemon. ”

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