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Running Tights Business Bigger And Stronger Need To Be Motivated

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Running Tights business bigger and stronger need to be motivated
Running Tights is the driving force, and Running Tights is the most costly industry, according to statistics, China Running Tights business mode of operation is the most cumbersome of all production, a Running Tights from the beginning to the factory After 118 processes, which virtually increase the operating costs, and Running Tights enterprises bigger and stronger the driving force is to streamline the process.
People - oriented, management of the existing
Business management is a profound knowledge, people are not machines, there is feelings, so business management should be fair, prizes and penalties, but many companies are only a fine award, it is difficult to mobilize the enthusiasm of workers, not long ago we industrial plant a Running Tights Business to close the door, asked the workers, given the answer is that every day and then fine, dry did not mean anyway, are fine, as it is, the wages paid leave. Management, we have to reflect a humane, rigid management must produce a rigid business.
Technical innovation, down Ningbo low net cost
Many companies think that technological innovation is to buy advanced equipment, it is not true, technological innovation is a cost-effective way, especially the Running Tights business, in terms of cost savings to do better, there is a Running Tights factory, put clothes Baskets are placed on the right side of the right, there are workers found very inconvenient, according to the test test, found sideways placed the best, first of all workers do not have to fear throw away clothes, and secondly, after walking can be more secure.
At any time, the enterprise sales channels are the reasons for the poor business, more often, business difficulties from within the enterprise, multi-channel development is very difficult, we can think of cooperation, joining, agents and other channels.
In recent years, with the transformation of China's economy, especially the changes in the market, including changes in market demand, market structure changes, changes in market consumption patterns, Running Tights industry has entered a comprehensive adjustment, transformation of the development period.
Running Tights Basic Color - Romantic
Pink represents romance. Pink is the amount of white in the red inside, resulting in a bright red. Like red, pink will cause people's interest and pleasure, but more gentle, quiet way.
Romantic color design, by using pink, lavender and pink (slightly yellow pink), will make people feel Running Tights soft and elegant. And other bright pastels together, the red will remind the fantastic June days and full of a bunch of summer under the delicate flowers.
Running Tights Basic color - refreshing
Is considered a refreshing color combination, usually including light blue and its partner - red orange - also its complement color.
Blue or green (teal), fresh color, comfortable, often in pure colors to describe travel and leisure.
Refreshing color combination if added to the glory, can emit a peaceful, quiet atmosphere.
Running Tights Basic color - elegant
Elegant color combinations will only use the lightest color. For example, a little yellow plus white will form pink yellow, this color will give the whole white room to bring a more warm feeling. Natural light creates a soft shadow, and highlights the subtle parts of the building, so that it will be able to achieve the purpose of designing elegance.
In the Running Tights design, beige tones of elegant linen, silk, wool and velvet can be lightly expressed classical, noble temperament, giving a kind of elegant impression.

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