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Running Bra What Kind Of Fabric Wearing Comfortable?

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

Running Bra what kind of fabric wearing comfortable?
1, Running Bra fabric 【100% cotton】: This is the most common Running Bras fabric, the price is cheap, of course, cotton is also divided into a variety of combed and carded cotton, or mercerized cotton and double-sided mercerized cotton, worsted Cotton is better. Advantages are good moisture absorption, environmental protection, the disadvantage is easy to change, wrinkle.
2, Running Bra fabric [cotton + nylon]: awesome. There are all the advantages of cotton, flexible, and silk version of the feeling, put on comfortable, but not much use, cotton and silk blended often used as woven garments. Running Bra is knitted garments.
3, Running Bra fabric [polyester]: that is, cotton + polyester, and generally 80% cotton + 20% polyester and 65% cotton +35% polyester. This is to overcome the cotton easily wrinkled and deformation of the shortcomings, and hygroscopicity is also excellent, but no cotton health and health, if it is 35% cotton that is low-grade goods.
4, Running Bra fabric [modal]: modal is kapok fabric, is a natural fiber, a new type of environmentally friendly materials, absorbent sweat than cotton a few hundred times, quite good, the only drawback is the variable type, if coupled with polyester or Lycra Blended is very good, is the high-end Running Bra fabric.
5, Running Bra fabric [cotton plus Lycra (spandex)】: This is a flexible fabric, generally more self-cultivation, showing the body, close to wear, will not feel and wrapped the same, flexible, commonly used to make women's Running Bra. Autumn is still relatively warm when you can wear a cotton card, but the thicker clothes to wear cotton, because the cotton card is generally thin, and cold weather wear pure polyester easy to static, very annoying, so pure cotton is cold Day of choice.
6, Running Bra fabric [100% polyester fabric]: This fabric is not usually we understand the whole chemical fiber fabric, here refers to the polymer synthetic chemical fiber, through the new arrangement of molecules and the new chemical fiber, good chemical fiber Than the characteristics of cotton is much better, but it is not easy, so the price is very expensive, ADIDAS and NIKE functional fabric, suitable for sports wear, you can sweat in time to evaporate, there will not wear cotton sweating that kind of heavy feeling Sports clothes, athletes will wear polyester, not cotton.
Commonly used Running Bras fabric features introduced:
Pure cotton fabric features: feel better, comfortable and environmentally friendly wear, weight is generally between 160 grams to 300 grams, too thin will be very transparent, too thick will be hot, the general choice between 180-260 weight is better, count Generally 21 and 32, refers to the average length of cotton fiber, the higher the more soft, and veil is divided into general yarn, semi-fine yarn and fine yarn, general yarn fabric surface will be relatively rough, especially dark The fabric will have a white yarn. Fine yarn fabric surface is neat, feel very soft, this fabric is often called combed cotton. But cotton fabric easy to fold, the sun is too long direct color will dodge.
Polyester and cotton fabric features: soft and thick feel, washing is not easy to deformation, but wearing comfort is slightly worse than cotton. The common polyester-cotton ratio is 80% cotton / 20% polyester or 65% cotton / 35% polyester and 35% cotton / 65% polyester ratio. Now very few people use polyester cotton to produce Running Bra, and mainly used in the production of uniforms, polyester-made Running Bras will play the ball.
Finally reminded that the collar is also very critical, good collar must be added spandex silk, this will be more flexible, if you buy Running Bra collar in a few times after washing down, this is the spandex silk did not add or Plus the sake of less.

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