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On The Definition Of Running Tights From The Angle Of Aesthetics And Its Use

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

On the Definition of Running Tights from the Angle of Aesthetics and Its Use
Contemporary Running Tights have a certain social characteristics and practical characteristics: Running Tights are very close to reduce the water resistance; from the aesthetic point of view, the modern Running Tights highlight the performance of a healthy body. Running Tights by user classification includes men's Running Tights, ladies Running Tights, children's Running Tights, which women's sports pants can be divided into Siamese Running Tights, upper and lower movement pants and bikini sports pants.
Running Tights are specially designed for bathing and swimming, and the fit of Running Tights makes it close to underwear. However, Running Tights make the underwear into the public field, so the history of Running Tights reflects the relationship with the moral concept of physical habits as a clothing, Running Tights become more and more simple, with the fabric more and more The less.
Bikini Running Tights is a Running Tights have to mention a Running Tights. Bikini Running Tights is from 1946, a French Running Tights designer introduced a new Running Tights. This sporty pants with very thin and thin materials, it is said to be stacked up to fit a matchbox, but also because of this bikini sports pants put on after almost naked, causing a strong earthquake in the clothing industry. This movement pants launched the vibration as much as the bikini on the atomic bomb test, it is known as the "bikini Running Tights", a Running Tights actually with a small island hook, we can see the bikini on the traditional subversion And the shock of culture.
● Running Tights brand purchase points
1. white Running Tights in the water will reveal the body color, especially sensitive parts, so the best choice.
2. Try to exercise the appropriate exercise to help feel the effect of wearing.
3. Running Tights must be natural fit with the body, when the water fit. The kind of thigh in the head, buttocks, chest appears to loose the movement of tight pants, is not fit.
4. Check the buckle, harness, tether and other details of the firmness, in case of falling off in the water, it is embarrassing.
5. Select a sleeve and collar Running Tights style, you should consider whether it will leave ugly sun marks, affecting the daily dress effect.
● sports tight pants color selection tips
Select Running Tights when the color should be commensurate with the skin color, brown skin can choose bright yellow green, Western red, gold, silver and so on. Ivory skin can choose pink color and elegant blue and purple. Indoor swimming pool, it is recommended to wear lively and eye-catching colors, fluorescent color is a good choice. Outdoor swimming pool or beach, even dressed in dark and very bright.
● Running Tights maintenance tips
The pool contains the chlorine will hurt the sports pants of the clothing, swimming, please use the water before the Running Tights wet.
Care of sunscreen, cosmetics and other chemicals will hurt the clothing.
● washing and maintenance
Running Tights should be the same as your skin fit, buy attention to the chest and the cup is consistent with the body twist when the cup can not be displaced, the shoulder strap is tight, if the fingers into the shoulder strap feel too tight on the big one , As well as sit down can not have uncomfortable feeling. Purchase should take the trouble to try, until the satisfaction. Running Tights Apply 20 degrees below the water cleaning, can be soaked with some neutral detergent 10 minutes after hand washing, gently wring dry after washing, place a cool dry place to dry.
We know that Running Tights long life, in fact, this is not entirely the reason for Running Tights, mainly because of the water in the chlorine corrosion of the reason, so the first water before the water can be used to reduce the wet water or sea water corrosion, Pants of the service life, the other use of sunscreen when careful not to apply to swim sports pants. Swim sports pants should be promptly cleaned, do not exposure, the collection should not be careful when the bad cup.

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