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How To Solve Sports T Shirtrs Accidental Staining?

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

How to solve Sports T Shirtrs accidental staining?
I am a love and restless people, so always inadvertently put the body of the clothes accidentally infected with other colors! One of the most likely to move in my poor Sports T Shirtrs. As we all know, Sports T Shirtrs is the most lovable and dressed clothes! So the injury is always my beloved little T.
When I was wearing a dyed Sports T Shirtrs (because it was only a little other color, it was not willing to throw away), my mother said: "how do you wear so dirty clothes ah?" Later, through my one Fan explained that the mother knew the ins and outs of things, and handed me some cleaning accidentally stained Sports T Shirtrs approach.I immediately put into action, it turns out: ginger or old spicy!
I already know how to solve this problem, you know what? Do not know, let me tell you:
1. with vinegar to wash the stained place, and then the localized into the warm water soak for half an hour or more, and then hand to scrub. If you are still unclean, put the need to clean the Sports T Shirtrs into more than 50 degrees of water, add a small amount of detergent scrub, use the movement of Sports T Shirtrs fade to reduce the color difference.
2. Try to call the color of the chemical chemicals, if you do not know the caution!
3. with 84 disinfectant dilution in the future, a little bubble about try, but must grasp the amount of dilution and soaking time, this and was dyed Sports T Shirtrs and the degree of dyeing has a relationship, you can drift a few times, rather Feel the point, do not drift over the head.
4. will be dyed with water and then wet the food and then coated with salt and then repeat the light rubbing. Dyed color will be no.
5. potassium permanganate and acetic acid, the practice is to first dissolve a small amount of potassium permanganate in water, and then about to rinse the movement of Sports T Shirtrs into the full infiltration, dip 10 to 20 minutes later, Sports T Shirtrs will be dark red , The Sports T Shirtrs pick up, wash the water; then a small amount of acetic acid dissolved in water, soaked in potassium permanganate Sports T Shirtrs into the acetic acid solution, Sports T Shirtrs will be gradually changed from dark red to the original Color, and the color of the local also faded and will not damage the original color of Sports T Shirtrs.
Sometimes wearing a yellow Sports T Shirtrs can also use this method.
6. With anionic surfactants and more detergent and detergent.
7. Dyed local painted, embroidered on a flower, a flower cover a hundred ugly, then it is appropriate to this Sports T Shirtrs will be reimbursed.
8. Sports T Shirtrs was dyed, the most important thing is that you do not bother, in order to beloved Sports T Shirtrs, spend a little bit of time is worth the drop!
 (1) clothes is best not to sun exposure, should be dry in a cool ventilated to dry, and then into the weaker sun to dry, to protect the clothes color and wear life.
(2) drying clothes to pay attention to the wind direction. In recent years, urban air pollution is serious, especially near the factory area of the wind, the air often contains a lot of dust, if you ignore this phenomenon, it is easy to make the clothes stained with dust, affecting the wearing effect.
(3) drying clothes can not be twisted clothes too dry, but should be with water to dry, and hand the clothes of the lapel, collar, sleeve, etc. flattened, so dry clothes will remain flat, can not afford wrinkles.

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