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How To Choose Professional Training Pants?

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

How to choose professional Training Pants?

Professional sports equipment can not only allow the human body to be effectively protected under strenuous exercise, but also improve the function of the body during the exercise, so how to choose the professional Training Pants?

Short lumbar Training Pants are soft, absorb and massage, which is the best choice for basketball fans and sports fans. The hosiery mesh and the design of the pits, the thermal absorption of the sweat and the better to realize ventilation; The work is exquisite and comfortable and durable, the waist part can protect your foot, even if you do strenuous exercise is not easy to loosen or slip.

How to choose professional Training Pants? Here are some references:

First, choose pure cotton texture: cotton is 60% ~ 85% cotton and then add nylon, spandex, dacron, nylon and other fibers to enhance the flexibility of cotton Training Pants. The material is soft, sweaty and comfortable to wear.

Second, the Training Pants have a better elasticity: the elastic Training Pants are not easy to slip. Poor-quality Training Pants will be deformed after washing, and the fiber knots, resulting in uneven parts, will feel the feet in the movement. If the elastic fibers of the Training Pants are broken, they must not be bought.

The third, according to the specific situation decide to choose thin or thick: generally speaking, the foot is easy to sweat the person, should choose slightly thicker; Instead, choose a thinner one. Some sports, such as badminton, Training Pants are too thick to influence feet, so buy a little thin. In addition, if ankle joint injury, should wear thick Training Pants, can have a fixed and protective effect to the ankle.

Fourth, to participate in some projects to wear special Training Pants: some strong antagonism sports event, such as football, Training Pants with high waist, the purpose is to protect the calf, and must not be ignored.

Hobby movement is a high quality of life habit, but in sports should be how to properly protect yourself at the same time, is also a notable matters, professional sports equipment will have a better protective effect on parts of the body. In addition to professional sports shoes, Training Pants are also important. How to choose professional Training Pants to protect your feet?

Factory strength and professionalism are not enough: high quality training trousers are customized, and they need to be detailed and patient, so that they can achieve real high quality. Now we can pay attention to the high quality Training Pants manufacturers are not many, have the strength professional manufacturer, must have the rich experience and the resources; The sport USES import production equipment and production process, has 100 average working age to be 3 years specialized custom worker, 20 years to provide the real high-end training trousers for the customer to be customized.

Selected the quality of the product: each kind of fabric to test whether qualified according to the regulations of the state, the process specifications, to ensure the safety and health of green environmental protection raw material, Training Pants to more than 5000 enterprises and institutions to provide custom service, its product quality has won wide recognition from all walks of life, also won the good reputation;

Perfect service: in, you don't have to worry about size, goods not board, Training Pants delivery speed, let you experience free design, free play the status of the sample, free door-to-door, free door-to-door to send sample of worry, 10 days fast delivery allows you to rest assured, the consummation post-sale service allows you to close.

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