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How To Choose Professional Sports Pants?

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

How to choose professional Sports Pants?

Hobby movement is a high quality of life habit, but in sports should be how to properly protect yourself at the same time, is also a notable matters, professional sports equipment will have a better protective effect on parts of the body. In addition to professional sports shoes, socks are also important. How should you choose your professional Sports Pants to protect your feet?

First, choose the pure cotton texture.

Pure cotton is 60% ~ 85% cotton and added nylon, spandex, dacron, nylon and other fibers to enhance the elasticity of cotton socks. The material is soft, sweaty and comfortable to wear.

Second, the elasticity of the sock is better.

A flexible sock is not easy to slip. The inferior socks will be deformed after washing, the fiber knots, resulting in uneven parts, people will feel the foot in the movement. When shopping for socks, it is necessary to see whether the elastic fiber of the socks luo kou is broken, if there is, absolutely cannot buy.

Thirdly, the choice of thin or thick is decided according to the specific situation.

Generally speaking, the foot is easy to sweat, should choose a slightly thicker; Instead, choose a thinner one. Some sports, such as badminton, socks too thick influence feet, so buy a little thin.

Fourth, wear special socks for certain projects.

Some adversarial projects, such as football, with high waists, are designed to protect the calf and must not be neglected in sports.

Although sports can bring people health, but must have selective wear to the sports equipment, professional sports equipment can have better protection effect to body part. Some sports fans don't care about the clothes, often after the movement, found their feet hurt, out of the bubble. So besides shoes, socks may be one thing. How to choose Sports Pants correctly?

If you want to keep your pants down, compare them everywhere! Isn't that the truth? In Sports Pants so or other Sports Pants, find a absolute content of brand value, to prevent a fuzz and pilling, fade, shrink, such as serious quality problem, when the time comes when the cloth all abandon, serious still can cause skin allergy.

Fine and inexpensive, as the name implies, the quality of the product is cheap. Buys a big selling point is cheap, so buy cheaper Sports Pants except price basically is to see the quality of the products, only with good quality and price is cheaper, and quality between the two.

Today we made in Sports Pants perhaps when the choose and buy, in addition to pay attention to the style of Sports Pants, second notice is sports pants chosen fabrics, and cotton fabrics made of Sports Pants, wearing comfortable, such as cotton shirts, t-shirts, etc. But we all know that cotton Sports Pants after washing, there will be a slight shrinkage. It is often the case that many consumers will not be able to choose this fabric's Sports Pants when they are shopping for Sports Pants. In fact this is a kind of wrong ideas, according to the different fabric fiber structure and properties, shrinkage are different, for example, artificial fiber shrinkage of up to 10%, and natural cotton, hemp, usually only 3% to 5%. And some cotton Sports Pants have been treated with a high temperature preshrunk machine, and they are able to stick to the shape of the garment. So how can you avoid the appearance of the cotton Sports Pants in the appearance of deformation and shrinkage after cleaning?

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