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How To Choose Appropriate Sports Shorts?

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

How to choose appropriate Sports Shorts?

Regardless of the occupation, a few casual Sports Shorts are the necessary for the holiday, how to choose the sportswear?

Choose sportswear from colour, line design and so on various aspects to fit your body, to make up for shortcomings for the principle, specific as follows: abdominal convex, in tight cover a long T-shirt or large sweat clothes.

In the thigh or calf, choose a dark or straight tracksuit. If you wear a warm leg, cut it on the ankle, don't draw it up to the thigh.

Buttocks can be worn with a particularly high body gym uniform, with a belt that points the eye to the waist and a pair of black or navy tight pants.

Sports Shorts Big chest person, the texture of sportswear is appropriate is rich flexibility, have the support force, long sleeve is good, avoid short sleeve, can choose athletic shorts sleeve

Too thin person, can wear colourful horizontal stripe sportswear, use the adornment of such as belt to emphasize waist.

The crus is too thin, should wear nylon sweat pants, make the legs more plump, add warm leg cover, can beautify leg shape.

Flat chest person, can wear neckline of lace of the sport clothes, the color should be bright and bright, appear plump.

Square shoulder person, avoid the sportswear that has sleeve act, appropriate wear vest or the pattern that pleats in front.

How many kinds of Sports Shorts are necessary?

From the production method, the blazer of Sports Shorts doesn't really have much in common with real Sports Shorts. However, it is a classic leisure suit for men.

Sports Shorts are generally divided into casual blazer and blazer. Traditionally, the most comfortable styles are two or three buckles. If you want something tighter, you should choose a button or a four button.

People who are too tall or too short are not fit to wear casual suits with patterned or plaid suits - they are too conspicuous. It's not too ugly to wear a plaid top, but the basic principle of choosing this type of coat should be simple color and simple styling.

Strictly speaking, Sports Shorts there is a difference between a blazer and a blazer. The main difference is the color -- the blazer is usually monochrome, often black and blue. The color of the blazer is more varied, or it can be patterned or plaid. In the past, the difference between a blazer and a blazer was the choice of buttons -- a lightweight jacket with brass buttons. But others think that brass buttons are no longer popular.

The fashionable method is one or two buttons on the top. The traditional way is to button the middle button.

A lightweight top with dark long wool pants, second only to a suit in a formal setting.

Actually as long as the washing method that holds the sport pants, can reduce the degree that the Sports Shorts shrink:

1 >.Sports Shorts Pure cotton products are highly alkaline and can be used in various kinds of fleskine and cleaning products, and can also be washed before rinsing with a light brine for about 30 minutes.

2 >. When cleaning the water temperature below 35 ℃, shoulds not be long soak in the washing liquid.

3 >.Sports Shorts Pure cotton fiber is not able to stretch, so it is best to wash it by hand, or pack it in a laundry bag and set it as a weak water flow.

4 >.Sports Shorts To avoid overshrunk clothing, stretch your clothes properly when you're exposed to the sun. Don't wring all the water after handwashing, so that the clothes will be exposed to gravity, and won't shrink.

5 >. You can also get the shorts to stretch again by pressing them, and then revert back to the original size.

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