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How Do You Running Bra Wash And Care?

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

How do you Running Bra wash and care?
Running Bra is the most close to our clothes, but also easy to get perspiration, sweat, so more should pay attention to clean, and clean and clean Running Bra so that you and he will feel happy.
Running Bra wash the best hand wash: because the fabric is very soft to Running Bra, and some exquisite workmanship is delicate but also slim and fragile, and Running Brass ring ring is not easy to damage the deformation is easy, it should be hand gently Of the scrubbing or scrubbing, the internal parts of the steel ring is easier to dirty, you can cup up against each other scrub, the water temperature should not be too high, 40 degrees can be, should not be washed with hot water, will make the fiber seriously damaged.
Should be used to Running Bra special detergent: because the bra is very weak material, so try to choose a special Running Bra cleaning agent to clean. If not, then do not put other detergents directly on the operation of the bra, you can first dissolve the detergent in the water, and then into the Running Bra wash, avoid using bleach and other chemical lotion.
Will be dark, light-colored washing: even hand-washing should be dark light, Running Brassiere apart to wash, to avoid the dark clothes will be light-colored bras dyeing, and the coat of the dirt more, separate to wash , To avoid running the bra to contaminate more dirt.
Machine wash must use the laundry network: If the non-machine wash can not, it must use the laundry network, and should not put too full to half is appropriate, and do not put together with the hard clothes, so as not to squeeze deformation.
When dry, do not hand twist: After washing, do not hand to twist, first with the fingers to pinch the water out, and then wrapped with a dry towel, squeeze the dry Running Bra in the water, and then Running Bra Smooth the formation of the original look, with a clip caught in the running under the bra is not flexible place, upside down to dry, as far as possible on the ventilation naturally dry, avoid sun exposure to make the fabric fade yellow, fiber fragile, you can also run bra Do not dry the cups and keep them running.
Running Bra are relatively weak fibers, do not wear when forced to pull, do not wear a long time to run the same bra, should be changed every few days, so that the bra also have enough time to rest.
In the collection must ensure that the operation of the bra has been completely dry, when the wet collection will not only Running Bra mold is also easy to breed bacteria, do not casually lost regardless of the random placement will make the bra deformation, it is best to run Bra buttons buckle, shoulder strap placed in the cup, the whole spread flat, no steel ring Running Bra can be folded to another cup, underwear can be rolled into a round bar to collect, both convenient and save space.
We all know that as a bra, it is inevitable to use formaldehyde. Formaldehyde commonly known as formalin, is a disinfection, anti-corrosion, astringent.
In the textile and clothing to add a trace of formaldehyde, because the content is very small, generally do not cause harm to the human body, but a very small number of people susceptible to allergic dermatitis. In addition, running the bra in the production process will be contaminated with many dust and bacteria, clothing and color containing a variety of chemical composition, these are pathogenic, allergens.
Experts to remind you to run the new bra after the sale of not directly wear, especially Running Bra, rinse in a ventilated place to dry, on the one hand you can clear the bra in the production process to produce dust, and can make running inside the bra Contains formaldehyde and other volatile as far as possible to avoid allergies.
If the occurrence of allergies, do not buy their own medicine, to the hospital in time to do allergen examination, symptomatic treatment.

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