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How Do You Make Your Own Sports T Shirtrs

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

How do you make your own Sports T Shirtrs

Sports production, printing T-shirt his or her Sports T Shirtrs generally use screen printing and hot stamping, silk screen to a version can be printed, on the one hand, individual capital, on the other hand limit generally up to four color color, so the color is not substantial. The advantage of silk-printing is that it can be attached to a sport T-shirt. Silk printing is commonly used in mass production, and customization is not generally used. And hot stamping is put the sublimation ink (a special ink) using plate type Sports T Shirtrs printing machine prints to a kind of special paper, and then by hot stamping machine transfer to the clothes, if the dress is cotton content less than 70% or no contain cotton, such as play ball suits to the ink transfer directly to the clothes. If be pure cotton clothes or cotton content high, will need to use the special sport T-shirt transfer paper, in this paper after the printed on clothes with a layer of rubber things, if good transfer paper, images of glue is very small, if be cheap transfer paper, glue feeling slightly stronger, in a short period of time, after washed the clothes won't affect the picture.

Cotton Sports T Shirtrs is printed with a light color and a dark hot stamping. A light-colored, usually white and light blue T-shirt. Use a light color to press the paper. Good quality generally poor performance in the department of the drawing was printed, bad will happen to the paper pull rupture, good paper will pull very long also won't break, as well as keep the time of the picture, bad more easily fade. Dark Sports T Shirtrs is generally used for printing paper with dark Sports T Shirtrs, and the color is uneven. The difference between dark and light colors is darker and thicker in layman's terms. The layer of rubber is heavier, and the summer sweat is covered with chest and the feeling of being attacked.

Hot stamping paper use printer to print out is a special thermal sublimation ink (ink), then the garments to flat hot stamping machine, the printed paper on top, down for a period of time such as a personality dress was made.

Now popular 3 d Sports T Shirtrs, one of the most popular is big face animals Sports T Shirtrs, because since ancient times is strong relationship between human and animal, always have feelings, so the animals on the clothes say has become a habit, no matter from the perspective of the designer or the user's point of view. To say the big face of animal motifs can be said to be too many, an animal a design, a design a dress, so what kind of clothes is didn't have to say, even some designers put a animal different bearing design, more people planning to increase the visual impact and the impact of the imagination, so big face animal motifs of 3 d motion T-shirt more satisfied people to design the scope of the choice is more advantageous to the experience of consumers. We also know that there's a lot of clothes in the above all with animal prints, whether it's cartoon animals or animals in real life, after all imagine all forms of animal printed on clothes, we know it has been gradually into people's habits, fate is the result of human and animal or another. Big face cool super cute animal 3 d Sports T Shirtrs, not only make people feel like really on the vision, like animals will be from the clothes inside drill out, without 3 d glasses can be a full 3 d animal pleasure, but also among the fashion, and it is in the forefront of the fashion, more personality, more taste, temperament also soared, why not ah.

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