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Female Sports Bra

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

Female Sports Bra
Sports bra, also known as bra, is essential for modern women's daily necessities, but also one of the important beauty of women's beauty. It has a long history, as early as the ancient Egyptian era, the chest is the main symbol of female beauty. In the ancient Greek era of women to breast for the United States, the use of wool narrow narrow tight chest, to beautify the shape of the breast. In modern civilized society, there are many women to implement breast surgery, in order to achieve breast enhancement for the United States.

In 1902 the British newspaper published "women's special sports bra" ads, but according to historical records, the formal birth of sports bra in 1914, the Americans Mary Philip Jacob made the first movement Bra invention patent, the product uses two handkerchiefs and pink ribbon together made of, named "halter sports bra", which is now popular sports bra prototype. This movement bra just came out, they won the majority of women of all ages. After the start of the First World War, sports bra waits until soon to be popularized and popularized. The reason is that a large number of men go to the front line to fight, rural women have to replace the men engaged in physical labor, urban women have also entered the factory work, women feel wearing sports bra more convenient after labor, which promoted the promotion of sports bra universal.

Sports bra can be divided into "waist" and "strap" two categories. The former is the traditional "tight" variants, both thin and flat, is not conducive to the physical health of the breast; and the latter in line with the physical health of the breast, it can be divided into flat, convex and cone type and several, Convex and cone type is more suitable for breast physiology. The choice of sports bra should be based on the size of the breast, its size to fit the skin is appropriate Sports bra materials generally choose soft texture, moisture absorption of fine cotton fine bleach poplin is appropriate, wearing comfortable when the health. In the night when you sleep under the exercise bra, is conducive to blood circulation and breathing, help sleep.

The function of sports bra helps the development of women's breasts. Because the breast is the body of the soft tissue, there is no strong organization to its supporting role, only rely on some fascia attached to the pectoralis major muscle surface, wearing a sports bra can make the breast to obtain a relatively fixed and external support, not Resulting in excessive sagging, allowing women to walk, exercise and labor do not produce cumbersome and have a sense of comfort. At the same time, but also the breast tissue blood and lymph circulation patency, nipple areola to be effective protection, to prevent the appearance of scratches. The second is the beauty of the function, the rational use of sports bra is conducive to the normal development and protection of the role of the breast, can more clearly highlight the women's bodybuilding lines, better reflect and maintain the beauty of the human body. On the contrary, some young women to their normal development of breasts, increased, uplift as an embarrassing scandal, so trying to cover up the normal physiological phenomenon, often with corset vest or self-made tight bra. As everyone knows, the use of this method of breasts not only affect the normal development of the breast, resulting in poor breast blood circulation and affect the normal development of the breast and nipple, light affect the future of breast-feeding, severe cases of breast hyperplasia and breast cancer lesions, Health has serious consequences, which is very harmful.

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