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Do You Really Know About The Running Bra That You Wear Every Day?

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Do you really know about the Running Bra that you wear every day?
When it comes to Running Bras, it's both a good friend and a key to helping women show their body. However, many women friends have limited understanding of the bra, so wearing a bra is often easy to go wrong, the following six mistakes, how many of you?
Myth 1: don't buy the habit of trying before buying
When many women buy bras, they have no habit of trying on them, especially when some women buy them from the Internet. Actually this is very wrong! When buying a bra, try to try it on, depending on your size, weight, season and breast development. The bra that you don't try to buy may not be suitable for your breast, and it will affect local blood and lymph circulation. Too loose can cause chest droop.
Myth 2: wear the same bra at different times
Women should wear different Running Bras at different stages of their life. Adolescent girls, breasts are developing, should be based on the appropriate size; During pregnancy, the breasts will swell and the lactation moms will do the same. Don't reject the bra, or it will droop. It is best to choose a specific Running Bra.
Myth 3: sleeping with a Running Bra can protect your chest from sagging
Many girls don't pick up their bras when they go to bed, especially in winter. There are even girls who think that running a bra can prevent sagging, which is not the case. Sleeping with a Running Bra can affect the circulation of the blood, causing the breasts to be tense all the time, without relaxation, which naturally leads to disease. And the suspensory ligament in the breast tissue doesn't relax and elongate at all when you sleep, so it's completely wrong to wear a bra while you sleep.
Myth 4: running a bra for years
A lot of girls may have a disease, it is a Running Bra to wear for a few years, and many girls feel the old operation bra wearing comfortable, in fact this is not right! Because people's body size may change at any time, running the bra is old and deformed, and running a bra for too long is detrimental to the beauty and health of the breast. Generally speaking, a Running Bra should not last more than two years. Also be careful not to wash the bra when cleaning, otherwise it will become deformed.
Myth 5: wear a bra to squeeze out the cleavage
Career lines are tempting, but if you squeeze them out, you're hurting your breasts. Do you think it's worth it to ruin your health for a cleavage?
The difference between plain underwear and running a bra
Ordinary underwear adopts gathered rims, more exercise will cause friction to the breast tissue, the narrow straps or sponge hose will increase the burden of the body, absorb sweat after hard to dry, so for easy cold winter or outdoor sports.
The human body engineering design that runs the bra reference science, the fabric has the good soaking gas, the resistance is stronger. But to be seen when choosing Running Bra fabrics, if the composition of cotton and linen is exorbitant, wearability greatly decreased, hygroscopicity of terylene and cotton, so consider reasonable ratio of fabrics.
You'd better try the bra before you buy it
The standard of "good" Running Bra is not only the difference between the size of the chest and the intensity of the exercise, but also the different designs of different brands. As it turns out, brands have their own designs and fabrics, and they can't be eaten all by themselves.

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