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Canada Sellers On EBay Speculation Yoga Pants

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

Yoga clothing brand Lulu lemon (Lululemon) just a few years time will stand out from the many sports clothing brands, and Lulu lemon has become synonymous with fashion. Whether big-name stars or an ordinary housewife, each boasts a proud product of Lulu lemon.

Lulu lemon yoga pants at eBay Canada sales, even some second-hand goods being sold high. Some sellers even speculative Lulu lemon products for a living.

Hugo network from Canada learned media coverage: on eBay.ca website recently, a Vancouver woman for $ 899.99 sold a pair of "limited edition" Wunder Under fluorescent shorts, shorts, colourful, printed on the waterfront.

This is not the most expensive goods. Another seller sold the black jumper price 1146.87 Canadian dollars, shipping $ 25 CDN import $ 138, a total value of $ 1310. On the same page, model 4 "sprinkler blue shorts" priced at $ 798.

For sale Vancouver Wunder Under pants seller in the mail back to: "I've always wanted to tell my story, but my lawyer said anything here do not reply. Lulu lemon does not encourage resale of its products. ”

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