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Brief Introduction Of Printing Technology For Sports Shorts

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Brief introduction of printing technology for Sports Shorts
 Sports Shorts printing process is basically divided into three categories: screen printing, transfer printing and hand-painted three.
    Screen printing is the most used Sports Shorts printing, outside the store to buy sports pants 90% are screen printing. Screen printing technology is relatively complex, the main design, a film, copy, printing, drying a few steps. Wire mesh printing, simply speaking is a Sports Shorts pattern if there are red, yellow, blue three colors, it would need to print three versions, each color a version, but the printing and CMYK and a little The same, most of the domestic spot color printing, CMYK dot superposition in the Sports Shorts printing is difficult to control.
    Transfer printing technology is a popular printing technology in recent years. The principle is to first print (printed) to the transfer paper, and then through the high temperature and pressure on the pattern printed on the Sports Shorts fabric, relative to the screen printing, the transfer printing is quick and convenient, the advantages of vivid color, but also color The relatively low cost of bulk customization. If you just want to design a unique Sports Shorts, you can consider printing the design pattern and then transferring it to Sports Shorts.
    The last hand-painted, and now most of the hand-painted Sports Shorts are used to complete the inkjet, of course, there are many strokes, with the pigment is generally acrylic paint and textile dyes, hand-painted Sports Shorts cost is relatively high.
 Sports Shorts printing is basically sub-screen printing, transfer printing two.
Sports Shorts fabric is cotton, polyester cotton, mercerized cotton, double mercerized cotton, commonly used is polyester and cotton and cotton fabric, how to distinguish Sports Shorts fabric is polyester or cotton? Answer the best answer to this question is HD polyester and cotton fabrics and their respective characteristics. The following look at the specific Sports Shorts polyester and cotton fabrics and their respective characteristics.
Sports Shorts cotton fabric: cotton fabric feel thick, soft, no slippery, breathable and sweat and many other features. Suggest if the purchase is the choice of cotton is better. Most people choose cotton Sports Shorts, generally we said lapel Sports Shorts fabric for the number of yarn weaving, generally yarn from 21 to 46 range. The higher the weave, the higher the density of the fabric, the softer, the usual yarn weaving between 21 and 32 is enough. Round neck or collarless Sports Shorts fabric we generally called the number of grams of weight, that is a square meter of cloth how many grams. From 100 grams to 300 grams range, the higher the weight of the fabric is thicker, choose 180 grams of the best. Of course, some also put the two mixed together, such as 21 180 grams of cotton lapel Sports Shorts. Cotton fabric on this basis there are carding and combing of the points, carding, then the fabric is also some rough, Comb fabric feel supple, that smooth!
Sports Shorts polyester-cotton fabric: from the appearance of polyester and cotton fabrics and cotton fabric is no different, but the polyester-cotton Sports Shorts to wear in the body airtight, not sweat, very hot and easy to pilling and so on. So what is the specific cotton and polyester cotton? The best way is to smell the smell of cloth. Often new clothes have their own taste, the state also has the provisions of the clothing standard, that is, clothing can not have aromatic smell of aroma, musty, fishy smell, oil flavor and plastic taste in one or more! If you buy Sports Shorts when the smell of the above smell, at least that is not qualified products or a large number of chemical fiber polyester and cotton fabric Sports Shorts. Cotton fabric Sports Shorts are generally tasteless or woody taste.
Above the Sports Shorts polyester cotton and cotton fabric distinction you have mastered it? Did not grasp it does not matter, and then teach you a most practical way to distinguish between the fire is the following line of clothing, the burning of the residue with a finger rub, feel There are hard particles is polyester and cotton; and no hard particles are all gray is cotton.

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