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Basic Summary Of Training Pants

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

Basic summary of Training Pants

Training Pants are professional sports wear during cycling, and Training Pants can be classified according to the season, cloth, style, according to production techniques and so on. Cycling follows the style of determination, the color allocation is carefully thought, and the choice and development of the functional fabric are more important. From a professional perspective, Training Pants are roughly divided into three categories: cycling underwear, road Training Pants and cycling jackets. It can be divided into two categories: male Training Pants, female Training Pants and cycling accessories, while cycling accessories can be divided into cycling gloves, cycling sleeves, riding caps, cycling shoes and cycling trench coats. Because of the cycling underwear, the comfort of the fabric is very high. When the climate is colder, it is usually used to keep warm, breathable, heat-insulating polyester fabric. When the climate is hot, the light material that is perspiration, breathable, easy to wash quickly becomes the first choice, such as mesh polyester fabric. Today, many companies have taken the exception of bacteria and deodorization as the main points of discussion.

The fabric is very different, and the motorcycle Training Pants are mainly used for fur and PU. They are equipped with sponge and silica gel as protective toppings. The bike training trousers are mainly used for polyester and lycra, light and fast drying and high - shot. This legend is bicycle Training Pants.

The washing of Training Pants should pay attention to the following problem: the washing instructions on the washing sign must be clearly seen before washing. (the washing marks are usually below the back of the coat; the washing instructions for the trousers are usually below the trademark under the back of the head.)

Because of all of Europe's Dutch Training Pants adopt are high-tech chemical fiber fabrics such as nylon, polyester, and together they have insurance type performance is good, not shrink, not easy deformation, not faded, manageable hair wash characteristics, so it's best to follow the washing instructions washing alone.

But many families like to wash with other clothes for convenience, speed, energy conservation and water conservation. That doesn't matter, as long as the water temperature does not exceed 40 degrees, deep light clothing separates, do not use ultra alkaline, ultra acidic wash material premise below can be washed with other clothes together!

Pay attention to the choice of version.

The model is key, and the Training Pants are professional. It's not like watermelon. So choose Training Pants, must choose the major. And professional Training Pants have a lot of research on the type aspect. It's very detailed.

Pay attention to the selection of fabrics.

If it's cycling underwear, because it is close-fitting, it requires a high level of comfort. In colder weather, it is usually used to keep warm, breathable and heat-insulating polyester fabrics. When the weather is hot, we have to choose lightweight fabrics that are perspiration, breathable and easy to dry, such as mesh polyester fabrics, and high-end fabrics made by Meraklon yarn. At the same time, we can also do some post-processing of the fabric, such as antibacterial anti-odor silver ions, or antibacterial fibers.

The characteristics of the Training Pants fabric are functional, protective, close-fitting and comfortable. The modified polyester fiber is not only strong, but also flexible, stretchy, durable and durable. And the use of capillary action, with good air permeability and perspiration, can expel a lot of sweat quickly, keep the surface dry.

Pay attention to the details of the Training Pants.

Don't know how to make clothes to judge a dress's level? It's no use looking at the details. Details can tell the quality and grade of the product. What are the details? Please note the following points:

(1) work.

The stitching is smooth, smooth and without rough thread, which is a symbol of quality. If you hand SANTIC, SMS, JOYRIDE, Skins, or the training of the Paladin pants, you can use their Training Pants compare with other brand, you will find that the professional high-end brand products without connection, disconnection, and skipping. Few cable heads are not cut.

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