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Running Tights Printed Material Introduction

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

Running Tights printed material introduction
What is water slurry?
The so-called water slurry, is a kind of water-based slurry, printed on the athletic pants feel is not strong, coverage is not strong, only suitable for printed on light-colored sports pants on the price is relatively flat, is a relatively low-grade printing types. But it also has an advantage, because the comparison will not affect the original texture of Running Tights (less impact), so more suitable for large area of the printing pattern. English name: water print water slurry because of its water-soluble, so you can spread on the cotton or polyester / cotton fabric / penetration, generally only in the light-colored Running Tights above the deep color, and for the water itself than the color of the deep Running Tights, water slurry up there is no effect. At this time you need to use the mortar. Water slurry on the impact of sports pants feel smaller than the mortar, relatively speaking, can be relatively soft, feel better than the glue, but worse than the active printing, there can be done with the effect of printing close to the touch, Called imitation of the active printing, the price is more expensive than ordinary water slurry printing.
What is glue?
The mortar mainly refers to the colloidal solution formed by dissolving the gel or compound in a suitable solvent. Made by the latex or compound of the water dispersion made of commonly known as water mortar. Divided into non-vulcanized mortar or raw mortar and sulfide pulp or mixing mortar (including curing agent, accelerator, etc.) two categories. Generally the combination of the latter stronger than the former. Requirements at room temperature without precipitation of sulfur crystals, with stability, curing before the adhesion of large, strong adhesion after curing. Used to bond rubber parts and so on. Can be raw rubber or rubber and solvent in the mortar by mixing. Commonly used solvents are gasoline, benzene, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform and so on. According to the requirements can be made thin, semi-concentrated and paste-like mortar.
What is ink?
Ink is an important material for printing, it is printed by the pattern, the text on the substrate. The ink contains the main ingredients and auxiliary ingredients, which are evenly mixed and repeatedly rolled into a viscous colloidal fluid. By the binder (resin), pigments, fillers, additives and solvents and other components. For books, packaging and decoration, architectural decoration and electronic circuit boards and other printing. With the increase in social needs, ink varieties and production are corresponding expansion and growth.
What is gel pulp?
Gel jelly (also known as jelly gel), English jelly glue, also known as animal glue, the appearance of similar jelly, printing and packaging industry in the plastic jelly jelly. Gel glue is a new type of environmentally friendly adhesive, natural material, the main component is industrial gelatin (an animal glue, that is, hot sol). When used as a solvent, SGS safety testing, non-toxic harmless. Adhesive performance is excellent, smell fragrance, processed products will not be brittle, deformation, mold, blister and so on. According to the drying rate is divided into: high speed, medium speed, low speed.
What is foam printing?
A special effect of the printing process. Will contain the foam agent resin coating color paste on the fabric after the high temperature steaming, the printed pattern will be sparkling, was relief effect.

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