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Sports T Shirtrs Fabric Material Introduction

Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

Sports T Shirtrs fabric material introduction
Cotton / cotton: cotton with a cotton content of 95% -100% of the Sports T Shirtrs or supplies.
Polyester: Polyester Sports T Shirtrs or supplies, is the chemical fiber.
Polyester / polyester: polyester cotton refers to the polyester-cotton blended fabric, polyester as the main ingredient, polyester ingredients accounted for more than 60%, cotton composition in 40% of the following textile.
Cotton polyester / CVC: cotton polyester refers to the polyester fiber and cotton fiber blended fabric, cotton is the main ingredient. Cotton ingredients in more than 60%, polyester ingredients in 40% of the following textile.
Lycra is made of spandex fiber (abbreviation of Spandex polyurethane fiber), also known as "Lycra" in the Cantonese language (Lycra Cantonese), and in the Mainland, sometimes called "spandex cloth".
Spandex: Spandex is a short form of polyurethane fiber. Is a polyurethane fiber, because of its excellent elastic, it is also known as elastic fiber, in the Sports T Shirtrs fabric has been a lot of applications, with high elasticity.
Polyester: fabric is used in daily life is a lot of a chemical fiber Sports T Shirtrs fabric. Its biggest advantage is good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, therefore, suitable for jacket Sports T Shirtrs, all kinds of luggage and tents and other outdoor supplies. Polyester is an important species in synthetic fibers, is China's polyester fiber trade name. It is based on pure terephthalic acid (PTA) or dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG) as raw materials by esterification or ester exchange and polycondensation reaction prepared by the fiber polymer - - polyethylene terephthalate (PET), fibers made by spinning and post-treatment. China commonly known as "really good" polyester is widely used, a large number of used for the production of fabric and industrial products. Polyester has a very good shape properties. Polyester yarn or fabric after forming the flat Ting, fluffy form or pleats, etc., in the use of repeated washing, can still be the same.
Color cotton: natural color cotton is the use of modern bio-engineering technology to cultivate a cotton boll opening when the fiber has a natural color of the new textile raw materials.
Blended: blended chemical fiber fabric is chemical fiber and other cotton wool, silk, hemp until the natural fiber mixed spinning woven textile products. For example: polyester and cotton cloth, polyester and wool up and so on. Such as polyester-cotton blend is made of polyester as the main ingredient, using 65% -67% polyester and 33% -35% cotton mixed yarn woven into the textile, polyester cotton cloth is known as cotton is cool. Features: both highlight the style of polyester and cotton fabric strengths, dry and wet conditions, flexibility and wear resistance are good, stable size, shrinkage is small, with tall and straight, easy to fold, easy to wash, quick-drying Features, can not use high-temperature ironing and boiling water soaking.
Polyester cotton: polyester cover cotton knitted fabric is a polyester-cotton interwoven double rib fabric. The fabric side of the polyester coil, the other side of the cotton yarn coil, usually polyester surface for the positive. Raw materials can be used 5.6 ~ 1 5 tex polyester, 10 ~ 18 tex cotton yarn. Polyester cotton knitted fabric set polyester fabric crisp wrinkle, wear fast and cotton fabric soft and personal, moisture permeability and other characteristics as a whole, suitable for making shirts, jackets and Sports T Shirtrss and so on.
Quick dry clothes: is dry faster clothes, compared with the wool or cotton Sports T Shirtrs, in the same conditions outside the case, it is easier to volatilize the water out, do faster. It is not the sweat absorption, but the sweat quickly transferred to the clothes on the surface, through the air circulation will sweat evaporation, so as to achieve the purpose of quick drying, the general speed of dry clothes drying faster than the cotton fabric 50%.

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