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Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

When you practice yoga, a loose, comfortable clothes gives the body the freedom of activities, avoid restrictions on your body, breathe, relax, feel good, more rapid access to yoga. Soft, form-fitting professional Yoga clothing with the bending movement of his body movements, elastic moderate but your elegant temperament. Clothing is a cultural manifestation, is a style show, which was reflected in the behavior of each by the essence of yoga.

Suitable for movement on the market to choose the clothes more and more diverse. Texture, style, styles, different colors, different styles, everyone can pick based on their preferences to work clothing, but Yoga is a set of smooth, stretch, focus on one of the fitness, yoga clothing choice, recommended reference to the following points:


Bamboo fiber is a new natural fiber, is the use of physical, chemical, natural bamboo fibers prepared by the combination of natural bamboo fibers and bamboo pulp fiber there is an essential difference between, bamboo fiber is a natural fiber, bamboo pulp fiber is fiber. Successful development of bamboo fiber marking the birth of another natural fiber, which tally with the national industry development policy. Natural bamboo fibers have moisture absorption, breathable, antibacterial antimicrobial, deodorant, anti-UV and good performance.


Simple, elegant, neat. Clothes do not have too many accessories (especially metal), or knot to prevent chromium body, causing unnecessary damage. Limbs should be stretched easily, does not feel bound to the body as a whole.

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