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Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

Sport underwear to buy

General Sports Bra size measurements method is different, is based on small, medium, large size (s, m, l) to differentiate. So. When buying a sports bra, must personally try them before deciding which one to suit your. Try after the body, two arms stretching around and twist. Sensorimotor fixation and elastic of underwear to the effect.

In addition, select according to their type of movement usually do sports bra: If more indoor sports, choose white or light colored bright; if severe exercise more, selected more flexibility on more convenient and practical.

Sports bra is to wear clothing in public places, but the best dressed only in sports. On one hand, sports bra needs often change often washed to avoid sweat soaked a long time against quality, on the sports bra design emphasis is on movement function is not a female curves in the chest, so when summer clothes to wear sports underwear on the outside, there is as bra and underwear in it, are not conducive to body shape, is not conducive to work with exterior.

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