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Yiwu Sanzhi Import & Export Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

Appears after the following is engaged in yoga benefits, be patient, yoga needs time to show results. Within a few weeks, you will feel peace than before, more concentrated attention. A few months later, rejuvenation of the organs and glands will begin to happen.

, Vitality increase, yoga's role in brain and glands.

Second, the look and mood of the young: Yoga to reduce facial wrinkles, natural "face lift" effect. Thanks largely to stand on his head. Our usual upright position, gravity will pull muscles. Sometimes, by the facial muscles appear collapsed. Daily upside down for a few minutes, we were able to reverse the effect of gravity, making it a rejuvenation of our power, does not relax the facial muscles, it reduced wrinkles, the skin's natural level.

Inverted postures of yoga can often bring the gray hair back to its original color, and delaying the gray hair. This is because the head makes the increase in blood flow to the hair follicles in the scalp. This position increase the neck flexibility despite strong pressure on blood vessels and nerves, allowing more blood flow to the muscles of the scalp. That is, the hair follicles get more nutrition, more rich in healthy hair.

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